How to Make or Create a Frame in CorelDraw step by step (Example)

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a program for graphic design. It is widely used for graphics, photo retouching, and web page design; you must cancel for its license, but you can use it for free for a 15 day period. Today we will give you more details on how to make or create a frame in CorelDraw Step by Step.


How to create a frame in CorelDraw step by step?

CorelDraw is widely used in the graphic industry, because through this program you can create logos, design POP material, make and / or change vector drawings on the computer, alter and even increase the quality of an image, design website backgrounds and many other utilities, including create a frame.

Through this program you can create logos, design POP material, make and / or change vector drawings on the computer

Creating a frame in CorelDraw is very simple, the same procedure that we will explain below is valid for both CorelDraw and Photo-Paint.

Steps to create a frame in CorelDraw

Go to the Corel suite

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The first step is to locate the Corel suite and open the program CorelDraw in the computer. Now go to the menu option "File", there click on "Open", so you can locate and open the image you want to load on stage.

Insert the frame

Now go to the next option "Effects", then click on "Creative" and finally on "Frame", in this way you will be able to display the dialog box to insert the frame into the image. The "Frame" window will show several different styles, so you will choose one, a preview of the corresponding frame.

Modify the frame

Then in the tab "Modify" You can change the appearance of the frame such as its size, color, opacity, blur, alignment, among other characteristics.

After making our adjustments and defining the frame according to what you want, click "OK" to finish the process and add our frame to the image.

Advantages of creating your designs in CorelDraw

Advantages of creating your designs in CorelDraw

Work with vectors and you can use images with transparency

It is a program adapted for work with vectorsThanks to that you can make outlines and through your designs have as a final result prints, engravings, embroidery, and much more.

You can also use images with transparency like TIFF files, a format that is often not supported by other types of programs in the area.

You can make large prints

It is also perfect for oversized printsSince vector drawing is based on strokes, points and proportions, it does not depend on pixels and therefore does not have a resolution limit, it does not lose sharpness.

It is based on objects and layers and its designs are multi-page

Another advantage is that it is based on objects and layers, which greatly facilitates the organization of them when composing a drawing, since they are never mixed and each object can be moved or edited separately, without affecting the rest of the composition.

Your designs can be multi-page, which is very useful for certain particular cases, mainly when the drawing must be printed in several parts independently.

You can download it in several languages

In addition, you can download CorelDraw in several languages, including Spanish, which generally makes it easier to understand all the interface options; while other companies in the sector do not include the Hispanic market. Likewise, CorelDraw can read various file types like those in Microsoft Office, to import certain types of objects into your design.

The Corel suite offers many other advantages, such as including Photo-Paint, and through this program you will be able to edit photos from Coreldraw itself, without having to change programs. It allows you to edit your designs very quickly and easily with very few clicks. Thanks to its popularity, you can share the files of your designs in CorelDraw easily with other people.

For this and more, there is no doubt that CorelDraw is a very complete tool to create the framework of your choice, as well as to carry out any type of design; an ideal choice for embellish photos, posters, business cards or any file you want.

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