How To Add An Account In Google Play Store? -Step By Step

how to add an account in google play store step by step

The age of technology has made us many dependent on our Android devices, more and more new and versions better options , for them it is necessary to know add an account in Google Play Store.

Add an account in google Play Store-Step by Step

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This account, which basically our account Gmail , it will load all my ours in the new equipment we purchase for them is so important to know how to handle it.

What should you know to add an account in Google Play Store?

Mainly must know the settings on your phone, some devices from the time when we acquired ask us we enter a Account Gmail that allows us to directly enter the Play Store .

But if it's not your case, as then, this is the tutorial that both were looking for, read on to achieve add an account on Google Play Store.

Create a Google Account

If your case does not have a Google account, you should start solving this, the easiest way to do this is through the same device.

Enter to " Settings ", now stands the " Accounts " once inside this menu, select " Google " this will open a screen where you can create your account, complete the data to be asking you.

Once you've finished creating your account, directly this will give access to all Google services , so you can easily access the Play Store.

Enter your Google account

If on the other hand, you already have a Google account, it will be even easier, add an account in Google Play Store.

 google logo with green background playstore

You should only enter the Play Store directly on the form that you teach the app, fill in the details with your email address and password .

Once this is done, your device will automatically connect to your Google Account, giving you access to all services.

Some recommendations

If you're creating your Google Account, is important that you remember very well your data , these can provide you many things like unlock your phone, registering new data, access to certain applications, among others.

It is important that your password and email are entirely personal and not difundas with anyone, because this would mean a risk for you and your team.

If you already possessed an account, we recommend that you try to keep the Google Account lets you protect your data, back up your files, download new apps your and much more.

It is good that once created your account, sign in and create your data recovery, a simple text message or a call, could help a lot if your phone is locked or you completely forget your data.

Now, if you want to can allow your apps keep your cloud content Google , so you can access this from any device registered under your account.

For example, one of the companies most important Internet messaging, as is WhatsApp, you can save a copy of your data and messages in your mailbox if you decide to switch teams.

Also remember to register your payment methods in case you want to download any app of your interest and warranting shopping or a paid subscription. If at any time you change your mind about a purchase you did, do not worry, because can cancel without being charged to your credit card.

Another great advantage of Google Play Store is that can protect your account and your purchases by putting a password .

Some disadvantages

While we know Android devices deserve register for an account to run Google , but sometimes it becomes a problem.

Many times this operating system provides data Google that make you see advertising and articles about things that sometimes are not of interest


 icon laystore googlep

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Sometimes you will not all applications like Google Play Store offers and this can happen when your phone hardware is not compatible with the latest versions of the application.

Finally we hope that this tutorial is to your liking and allows you to add an account in Google Play Store on any Android device you want.

Remember that once you have your account remember to update your Google Play Store application to be the day with the latest version.


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