How to Login to the Play Store with my Google Account? (Example)

how to login to the play store with my google account

Google it has become the largest search engine in history, and is used by millions of people around the world. This company is also the mother of many digital services such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps or the Play Store. The latter, in fact, is the app store that Google uses for users of its system to download their applications.

It is extremely essential for all types of phones, tablets and other devices called Smart, which use the Android system, that is, it is common for example to see users download or install the Google Play Store on a Smart TV with Android. However, many users, especially new ones, do not know how to log in or have difficulties that do not allow them to access.

But you will see that with our guide you can get the most out of your device soon. You just have to follow our tutorial step by step that will teach you in a simple way how to log into your account.


How to log into the Play Store from your phone or tablet?

App Play Store on Android phone

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Login to your account Play Store from a smart device, it is by far the most common way to do it. But this does not stop being complicated, but if you follow our guide in a short time you will have entered your account. It should be noted that generally these devices already have an account Google partner and your session should already be open.

However, things can happen that cause syncing to drop and the phone requires you to log in manually. So we are going to explain you in 3 easy steps what to do in those cases, you will see that it is not very difficult.

How to run the Play Store?

Play Store logo in hand Green background

Make sure you have the appSome devices do not come with it from the factory if this is your case, download it. It is very easy to download and install the Google Play Store on a mobile of any brand. After downloading it you must look for it to open it, it will surely be on your home screen or in your application drawer.

Enter your details

When the application runs, the first thing it will do is check if there is an account of Google started on the device. In this case, as it cannot be started automatically, it will ask you to enter your data to access the account.

So you will proceed to enter the email and the password that you are going to use to log in. This account will be where all the apps you download will be associated, so make sure it is your personal account.

Accept the terms of use

Finally, you must accept the conditions and services that it offers you Google. Once this is done, you will be inside the application and you can download everything you need.

Take a look at the entire catalog that Google offers. Aside the Play Store It will not only offer you apps, you can also find books, movies and other things that you can take advantage of.

How to log into the Play Store from your PC?

Now we will teach you how to enter your account from a Web navigator. You will see that it is easy and it will not take you long with the steps that we are going to indicate below. The first thing you should do is go to the home page of the Play Store so that you can follow all our steps.

We will proceed to enter the home page of the Play Store, once inside we will go to the upper right where it says "log in". You must click there and wait for the next step to load, just give the search engine time until the window opens.

Enter your account details

The next window that will appear will ask you to enter the email of the gmail account you want to open. It is recommended that you enter the account where they are linked the apps on your devices.

Then we will give it next and it will ask you for the password of that account, you must enter it correctly and without failures or you will not be able to log in. Remember not to have capital letters activated so that your password is not wrong.

Clever! Do you see how easy it is to log in from the pc with our guide? Surely now you can login to your account No problem.

Now, if you want to know what are the best alternatives to the Play Store to download applications? The previous article is for you.

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