How I Can Add A Profile Picture Google Hangouts

how i can add a profile picture google hangouts
 put Google Hangouts profile photo
  1. Change profile picture Hangouts
  2. Adding profile picture Google Hangouts

The photo-profile use messaging apps is really very important. That's why you'll show how I can add a profile picture Google Hangouts so you can add a photo of yourself or your company.

How can I put a profile photo in Google Hangouts

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All IM applications have the ability to add a profile photo. This is so that when we begin a conversation we lead better, so more fluid by different chats we usually have.

If you have a business account or personal, it is essential that you have a profile picture that is of such company or yours respectively. That is why I want to show how to add a profile photo in Hangouts with this simple tutorial.

You will learn quickly how to do this from a computer either you use Hangouts, Gmail or extension that is available for Chrome and we will also leave you another tutorial quite simple for you to do the same from the mobile app.

 Hangouts chats for phones

Change profile picture Hangouts

To change your profile photo on Google Hangouts should follow these steps, it is actually quite easy to do and can make this process as often as you want:

  • Go to Hangouts or Gmail login from . You can also do this from the Chrome extension.
  • should go to configuration. To do this from Hangouts just click on the three horizontal lines and go to Settings . For Gmail you need to click the arrow pointing down and from the extension of Hangouts from the menu with the three horizontal lines.
  • You should now look out on the left menu, click on the picture profile.
  • Here you can see clear instructions to upload a profile photo or change the one you have.
  • After you select where you want to be just going to have to click on " Choose as profile photo ".

You should be aware that Hangouts profile picture using your Google account . This means that if you change the picture of the Google app changes are also made in all services.

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Adding profile picture Google Hangouts

Change your profile picture from a mobile device using the application is extremely simple:

  • Open the Hangouts app.
  • Now you have to go to the menu from the three horizontal lines appearing at the top.
  • After this we go to Settings & gt; Select an account & gt; Manage accounts and tap your profile picture.
  • Here you'll have the option to choose any picture you want to upload. It may be some of you have saved in your photo gallery or you can take one on the spot.
  • Once done simply click on " OK ".

It's pretty easy to learn how I can add a profile picture Google Hangouts . It is a fairly simple process as most similar applications and within seconds can change your photo. You can do this as many times you think necessary. There is no limitation on the kind of respect.

Remember that if you have any kind of doubt or problem about how I can put a profile photo in Google Hangouts can leave it in the comment box to find a little more down and try to help.

If you want to know more about Hangouts, we publish a lot of tutorials related to the messaging application Google, we recommend browsing Miracomosehace to find more guides and tricks Hangouts so you can learn to get daily full advantage to this powerful instant messaging application.

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