How to Load or Recover an ARK Game: Survival Evolved - Easy Solution

how to load or recover an ark game survival evolved easy solution
  1. How to save or recall an ARK game
  2. Peculiarity when reloading an ARK game
  3. The fatal error or fatal error in ARK

The power of the game is great, it generates addiction and great pleasure you travel these steppes and have adventures without measure, now all this will be worth nothing if we cannot have a record of it, it may be that we run into the dilemma of whether save or not save the game, but believe it, it is better to save, start from scratch we can leave it for other mobile games without internet connection or those available on the internet or through an emulator for pc.

You always have to seek to improve the performance of the game, or failing that, stratagems to always have comfort when playing. But what happens when all this is present, but we cannot save what we have done, or worse still we do not know how to recover what we have by accident or carelessness lost inside the ark world.

How to save or recall an ARK game

IF you just found the best ARK map. So, you may be wondering how the ARK game is saved, the most direct option will always be the Save and Exit button, but there are palpable cases where users have run into the problem that their game is not saved. If so, the Saving message continues to appear, which may make it impossible to reload the game and even have to start from scratch.

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If it is played locally, the most ideal is to go directly to Options, returning to the initial or main menu, and to to play again you enter again to the premises, and one is selected and the same character comes out, which was manufactured previously, since this is saved automatically.

recover game ark xbox console

But if this is not your case and you are online, or online, enter the same server, try to remember or write down the identification number, that is, the number. You can even be on more servers at the same time, where each and every one of them develops respective advances.

Also, remember that if you are in hardcore, there is a peculiar detail, it is that in this mode of playing, you always start from the beginning every time you die, even if you save.

Peculiarity when reloading an ARK game

When we press the Options button, and later in the option to exit to the menu or to return, the game you are executing is automatically saved. In the hypothetical case that a dinosaur, for example, devours you, you can avoid losing everything you have done.

Quickly close the application, if you are on a PS4, in general terms the last game will be loaded Whatever you have, this trick is subject to chance, it is not one hundred percent effective in all users.

The fatal error or fatal error in ARK

Sometimes the game platform does not work normally, and there is a fatal risk of losing what has already been done throughout a great day of pleasant gaming. For this, manual solutions can be applied directly to internal storage registers of the ARK.

different saved games ark servers

Within the limits of files, that is, the same folder, it looks for a file with the name Backup, this is a kind of cache that records the actions carried out and deleting it could correct the error and make possible the recovery of the game.

If it does not work, repeat the procedure again, sometimes a single execution is not enough. Followed by this, it deletes the save file that is immediately before it.

The problem is caused by a corruption or failure in the save, if it does not work with the Backup, or with the subsequent option, you will have to subtract, that is, getting rid of what was saved, but do not forget that each deletion execution eliminates by default process, at least 15 minutes of lived game.

Also, in singleplayer, starting from scratch will always be an option, with just a few commands you can always restore by effect of your own memory what you remember you had done.

Local files are for the direct use and responsibility of the user. Whereby you have control over them Always, whatever ends the loading or recovery of a game, not only can it be the server that fails, it can also be your access element to the game.

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