Activating The Autocomplete Whatsapp For Android And Iphone

escribiendo whatsapp
escribiendo whatsapp

In this you learn article how to turn AutoComplete on WhatsApp for Android and iPhone in a few steps to use it in our social networks like Whatsapp and Instagram, as this can be activated on all keyboards Google to enter the social networks and there can always use it you need the support of the predictive dictionary Google.

AutoComplete is a tool that gives us the OS Android, and can download the application from Google Gboard keyboard to typing part of a word and to recognize which is the word we write completely or correct a misspelled word or without accents, usually people do not understand how to use the AutoComplete favor for daily writing and prefer to disable it.

How to Enable AutoComplete WhatsApp for Android and iPhone

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How to activate AutoComplete Whatsapp in Android?

  1. You must enter Whatsapp and there to any conversation to activate it.
  2. When you enter the conversation can operate the keyboard option like iniciaras a conversation in a chat anyone on the Social Network .
  3. A to open the keyboard into the conversation we find that we can make changes to Keyboard settings appears to us at the top of the keyboard with a gear icon to access the must click first in the "+".
  4. icon

  5. Here when accessing the Keyboard Settings you can enable the "AutoComplete" or "AutoCorrect".
  6. This way we can already access the option "AutoComplete" in our Whatsapp practical way every time a word is written the AutoComplete make your job so you can access the diccionario of Google.  autofill whatsapp keyboard
  7. How to activate AutoComplete WhatsApp on iPhone?

    1. To access this option must first enter the iPhone Settings .
    2. We enter Settings & gt; General , there we display a new window that will allow us to select other options, search for "keyboard" in this new window that gives us the "Keyboard"
    3. Here we allow you to make changes to the keyboard enabling and disabling options, " AutoCorrect " and "Predictive" both if you are disabled, we you enable them by pressing the button just happen to be green should be enabled.
    4. With these options we get that enter into the keyboard or Instagram Whatsapp can obtain predictive words and AutoCorrect within our text to send to automatically.
    5. If you do not want to have any assets of these options have to return to "keyboard" and disable the option" AutoCorrect "or" predictive "according preference options can use both or only one of these two, enabling and disabling from the same iOs or Android menu.
    6. autocomplete suggestion

      Situations to consider:

      Inside your keyboard will find social networks that can also add words to the dictionary should not find it in the default dictionary.
      Of two ways you can add iPhone or Android and can be used for all social networks with built-in chat using the keyboard.
      Do not accept download extra applications to access the "AutoComplete" , since you can easily configure a new application and it may be more use complex process.

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      If this article has helped you to solve your problem "AutoCorrect" WhatsApp and other social networks can from this configuration enjoy the "AutoComplete" in your Android or iPhone in a few steps and simple way where you can enable and disable when you want these options in your device Android or iOs .

      In can find step by step how useful this and much more on WhatsApp, Instagram and other social networks so free and 100% explanatory, learn how to solve common problems within your applications and computer programs very simply and quickly.


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