How many Dinosaurs are in ARK: Survival Evolved? Complete Guide to All Dinosaurs

how many dinosaurs are in ark survival evolved complete guide to all dinosaurs
  1. How many dinosaurs are in ARK Survival Evolved?
  2. Docile herbivorous dinosaurs.
  3. Docile carnivorous dinosaurs.
    1. Other dinosaurs

Both adults and young people love dinosaurs, along with other prehistoric animals. You can also play only ARK without needing internet. In this game we find a great variety of dinosaurs, and other animals, but in this article We will highlight the types of dinosaurs that you are going to find.

How many dinosaurs are in ARK Survival Evolved?

In this ARK game there are many creatures, among which are some aggressive dinosaurs as well as those that can be tame easily. Each of them have their characteristics of attention, care and feeding, in the same way you can do it day or night in ARK: Survival Evolved

We will give you the description of some of the dinosaurs, even other animals are considered dinosaurs because they are part of prehistory. In this video game you can find animals that became extinct and that they lived with dinosaurs.

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dinosaurs in action

Docile herbivorous dinosaurs.

Next, in this section we can find those that only feed on plants, whether they are their aquatic or terrestrial habitat.

  • Ankylosaurus: With brown fur, approximately 9 meters tall, it is solitary and with a shell to protect itself at all costs.
  • Argentavis: Bird like a black and brown vulture.
  • Brontosaurus: A giant of 22 meters, purple and green skin.
  • Carbonemys: Primitive tortoise with a shell covered in sharp scales.
  • Chalicotherium: It is a dinosaur with great strength.
  • Diplodocus: Orange and green in color.
  • Gallimimus.
  • Gigantopithecus.
  • Doedicurus.
  • Iguanodon.
  • Kentrosaurus: Dinosaur with blunt spikes.
  • Lystrosaurus: A type of giant iguana.
  • Pachycephalosaurus: stocky and fast.
  • Pachyrhinosaurus: Large and slow.
  • Paraceratherium.
  • Parasaur.
  • Pegomastax.
  • Stegosaurus.
  • Therizinosaur.
  • TItanosaurus.
  • Triceratops: It is slow gray and brown in color.

Docile carnivorous dinosaurs.

In the next section, there are the most feared and require skill in the game, they are voracious and fast, go ahead and play with your friends.

  1. Allosaurus: This is a aggressive dinosaur orange and white.
  2. Archeopteryx: Small brown flying bird.
  3. Anglers: Orange fish, family of the lanternfish and not so reliable.
  4. Arthropluera: It is a huge and unsightly blue and gray centipede, which feeds on remains but is domesticable.
  5. Baryonyx: This dinosaur has the ability to be in water and the land feeds on fish.
  6. Basilosaurus: It is a large fish, it has tiny fins, a long snout, and it eats fish.
  7. Carnotaurus: It is a very fast deadly carnivore of red with green and orange color.
  8. Compsognathus: It is small, fast, and its body is blue with some unique yellow feathers on its head.
  9. Dilophosaur: Super agile and stealthy gray and orange dinosaur.
  10. Dimetrodon: An enormous brown reptile with an armored crest.
  11. Dimorphodon: Giant purple bird with a long tail.
  12. Diplocaulus: Huge green spotted frog.
  13. Giganotosaurus.
  14. Kaprosuchus: Aquatic and terrestrial reptile dinosaur.
  15. Liopleurodon: Gray marine dinosaur.
  16. Megalania.
  17. Megalosaurus: deadly.
  18. Microraptor: aggressive brown feathered bird.
  19. Mosasaurus: poisonous aquatic species.
  20. Oviraptor: Family of the velociraptor.
  21. Plesiosaurus: Gray, blue, white and brown marine dinosaur.
  22. Pteranodon.
  23. Quetzal: long-necked, carnivorous blue bird.
  24. Raptor: Stalks its prey and is fast.
  25. Spinosaurus.
  26. Tapejara Imperartor.
  27. Titanomyrma.
  28. Troodon: Smart and fast.
  29. Tyrannosaurus Rex: red green and brown in color.
  30. Utahraptor.
  31. Wyvern: A dragon-like dinosaur.
  32. Yutyrannus: Bigger than a velociraptor.

stealthy speedy dinosaur

Other dinosaurs

Untamable dinosaurs, Although these cannot be tamed, it will help you to know them, to know what their environments are like and what to expect from them.

  • Ammonite: It is a type of solitary crab, it is blue in color and feeds on remains.
  • Araneomorphus: It is a long gray and blue carnivore, it can bind its prey by means of poisonous stings.
  • Cnidaria: Primitive jellyfish from the time of the dinosaurs, its colors are red and blue and it is carnivorous.
  • Death Worm: This giant brown worm with sharp scales, prefers the desert, as it moves under the ground.
  • JugBug.
  • Leedsichthys: Primitive blue whale, eat fish.

Omnivorous dinosaurs, They are those that feed on smaller animals, soft plants or any ecological material in their habitat.

  1. Daedon: It is like a primitive brown boar, with a long snout and sharp teeth.
  2. Moschops: It is a docile dinosaur.

We hope this guide has been very useful, whether you download it from your PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch or mobile device

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