How to Download a Free Recorded Online Webinar

how to download a free recorded online webinar

The webinars they are a very useful educational element. If you have seen one and want to consult it later, we will show you some alternatives to download a recorded online webinar for free.

This educational resource owes its name to the combination of the words in English 'web' and 'seminar', They consist of the presentation of information in explanatory videos where the screen of the content developer is usually shown.

Although it has many educational applications it is not limited to that, as it can also be used for marketing strategies in order to inform potential customers a little more. If you want to learn more about marketing, you need to ask yourself what is Digital Marketing and why is it so important today?

This teaching format that allows interaction using information from visual and auditory form it has become attractive, especially in this time of isolation. For this reason, it is increasingly common to hear about new platforms that allow videoconferences.

  1. Alternatives to download an online Webinar
    1. Option 1
    2. Option 2
    3. Option 3
    4. Option 4
  2. Popular Platforms for Webinar
    1. GoToWebinar
    2. Blackboard
    3. Zoom

Alternatives to download an online Webinar

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The Webinar format is designed for your online presentation, so that the presenter of the presentation can explain part by part using visual support.

In some cases it is information is recorded and you can access it to consult it if you need it. Here are some options to download it.

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Option 1

Access the page where the Webinar is hosted and try to locate the downloadable version of the weekly that you want. Many times the host will make the information available to the user in PPT or slide format, but usually they do not include the audio.

Option 2

Enter the page where the seminar is published, place the cursor on the resource, press the right button and select the option Save to destination as.

Now select the directory where you want to save it, then press the Save button and wait a moment while the process finishes. This option will not always be there.

Option 3

Get in touch with the person in charge of the Webinar you want to request, if available, the content presented either in the format of slideshow or video to download it to your computer.

Option 4

As a last option you can install some screen capture software on your computer, such as CamStudio or Replay Video Capture, which are for free download and work easily.

This way you can record content as it is being presented, and you will have the possibility to consult it as many times as you need.

open webinar platform on different types of devices

If you want to publish or consult any Webinar You can access any of the currently existing platforms to facilitate this task. Here we show you a list of the most popular ones.


This platform has as its motto 'Failsafe Webinars' and its objective is to offer the necessary tools so that both the presenter and the participants can have an optimal experience.

For example, the presenter can add presentations Powerpoint prepared in advance, ask questions in real time to allow the interaction of the participants.

Also, the presenter's ability to start conversations privately with a participant allows me to give you personalized assistance.


Blackboard is a learning platform available for a few years that has been updated to offer a better experience.

Among the tools it offers are the possibility of taking notes from the platform and the delivery of tasks through it. In addition, it offers a security system quite reliable, so the platform can also be used in the business environment.

Each presenter can customize their platform, adjusting it to their preferences and the requirements of the specific field. Although it is a paid platform, it offers 30 day free trial to check its effectiveness.


Zoom is another platform that has become popular in recent months, due to the need for online communication that has been generated. In case you still do not have it, you can download it for your computer or PC Windows or Mac

This intuitive software, in its free version, offers 40 minutes of videoconference, You can also join a Zoom meeting from your PC.

It is an excellent platform for Webinar since it offers the option of Share screen, with which the presenter can present images, slides or videos in real time, without having to load them beforehand. For longer meetings or with a large number of participants Zoom offers payment plans starting at $ 14.99 per month.

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