How to Get Glovo to Send Me Free Food - No Shipping Costs (Example)

how to get glovo to send me free food no shipping costs

Glovo is an application for both Android and iPhone mobiles. And what does Glovo mean and why is it written with V ?; We do not know, but the truth is that it serves to buy, collect and send the products to you orders to the indicated address, through a Glover. You can even get Glovo to send you food for free.

Purchases and shipments of products are also made at the level of pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, flowers, books and even express shipments of documents and of anything that you have pending and cannot do; due to lack of time or any other circumstance.

If the option of what you need is another, you can enter "Whatever" and once you have requested the product, you will see, which courier or Glover will take the order to you and how long it will take to arrive; this via GPS.

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This application was born in Spain and works as "Multiple Delivery on Demand". Currently, it operates in more than 26 countries, making life easier for users around the world; the app download for free, and is based on the collaborative economy.

What is a Glover?

independent bike messenger scattered from Glovo

They are the independent messengers, who are connected to Glovo Through our platform, they have their own mobile, vehicle, bicycle or motorcycle and of course time.

The glovers decide to participate in the collaborative economy offered by the company on a voluntary basis; The idea is to help the public to solve in a fast way, situations that are presented daily by a low cost and accessible to users.

When do we make the payment for the Glovo service?

Payment is made through the application and once the glover has delivered the service and you have signed the delivery, then you will be charged for both the shipping and the purchase of the item, in case both things have been done.

Usually the cost for delivery is € 4.90, and this is added as already mentioned that of the product that has been purchased; Now, if the delivery or collection is made in more than one address, then € 3.60 will be increased for each extra place.

do you want to be a Glovo distributor contact us

To contact customer service, you can do it at, but you also have the following options on social networks such as:

What is the schedule to order at Glovo?

The hours to receive the messages are carried out on 365 days a year, including holidays, in the case of Madrid and Barcelona the order can be made at any time; but in Zaragoza, Malaga and Valencia it is from 9:00 am to 23:00 pm.

How do I get Glovo to send me my food for free? - Without shipping charges

If you are reading this post, we are assuming you already know what the Glovo App is, and you also know well how to order food at home with Glovo through the app. Reason why, we will not stop to explain these issues.

For this 2020, there are certain Glovo promo codes. Obviously, for that you will have to get promotional discount codes and valid Glovo offers; Obtaining them will benefit you, because in many cases home deliveries are free, which at this time are active until July 31.

Also, there are agreements between Glovo and the McDonald's company, sending the menu you like the most for free; It is active until August 31 of this year.

Another way to receive food shipments without paying anything at the moment, is through an enrollment in Glovo Prime and paying € 7.99 monthly, covering both free and unlimited deliveries; likewise, it offers you promotions and discounts.

You must take into account that although this service works throughout Spain, the establishments that are included in your Prime service vary according to the address; you have the subscription every month, until you decide to cancel it.

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To conclude, we can observe the advantage of having such an interesting and reliable service as Glovo is; especially in those moments of a lot of work, or that you do not want to cook for some reason. What's more it is very easy to use and inexpensive.


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