How to Make Dyes, Paint and All Colors in ARK: Survival Evolved to Paint Dinosaurs with Spray

1619948815 How to Make Dyes Paint and All Colors in ARK
  1. How to make dyes in ARK: Survival Evoled?
  2. Using dye in ARK: Survival Evoled
  3. How to spray paint dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evoled?

ARK: Survival Evoled is a video game with a lot of action, survival and adventure in which we wake up on a mysterious island with giant creatures and many dinosaurs, in many cases these creatures must be tamed and in this process the mission of the video game is to survive at all costs.

In the same way you appear freezing and dying of hunger for the same reason you must hunt, cultivate, harvest and in many opportunities create your own shelter to survive In this video game adventure using your skill to kill or breed dinosaurs.

The saying video game has skyrocketed in popularity for the news of the trailer for the Arkadia series by renowned youtubers for so many tricks it has. Next we will teach you how to make dyes and paints of all colors in this popular video game.

How to make dyes in ARK: Survival Evoled?

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The game ARK: Survival Evoled has many tricks available to battle one of them is the dye that is used to make the video game a world with much more color and also to customize objects, creatures or even structures, today it has 25 colors.

The dyes are created in an industrial pot and you should use a jug of water, water bottle, coal or gunpowder and finally phosphorus, thus placing all the ingredients in the industrial pot, turn on the pot to proceed to cook them, it is important to note as advice that if you are creating a dye Berries of different colors do not place more than one wineskin or jug ​​of water because it will result in the primary colors of the dye and not the specific color you want.

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For example a basic color is blue that is made with blue berries, water and charcoal, this does not need anything else. But to make a purple color the blue would have to be with the red berries.

In these materials it is always important and necessary to add those colorants, that is, to collect the berries to use them at the time the dye is made, each colorant use a quantity of berries.

Using dye in ARK: Survival Evoled

In this video game there are a number of things that can be executed for that reason it allows us to find taps, creatures, dinosaurs and make dye, but this has its use, it can be used to paint objects such as armor, mounts and even the weapons themselves, to do so you just have to drag the dye over the object you want to paint then a menu will be displayed to be able to select the area you want to paint.

The advantage of this trick is that it does not require a greater effort to use these dyes, the steps are carried out and the resources are used. It is important to note that the war paint not currently available on the Xbox version.

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The quality of the video game improves more and more and with these available tricks it becomes more and more popular knowing how to use it by, for example, taking advantage of changing day or night in ARK, and of course having the best map in ARK: Survival Evoled becomes much more interesting because it offers the opportunity to survive in a certain place in the said video game.

How to spray paint dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evoled?

To achieve paint the dinosaurs You must keep the fire button pressed and aim to paint while the dye will slowly wear out while it is being sprayed in that process you can see how much paint is left in the gray bar that is below the paint spray.

In the same way, if you run out of paint, you can recharge by pressing the attack button and thus refill the spray again and taking into account that this spray cannot be used. being mounted on the animal, it is also reset in color when you change the tool you are using or simply when riding on an animal. It cannot be used to paint yourself or creatures let alone other existing players.

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