How to Activate and Use ARK: Survival Evolved Chat to Write and Talk to Other Players

how to activate and use ark survival evolved chat to write and talk to other players

ARK gives you tricks to survive, allows and facilitates all players the possibility of having a conversation while you play; in that chat you can interact with other players, also write to people from your own tribe or with the alliance. This chat becomes very useful when asking questions; in this way answer your questions with more advanced players.

Use the chat It will help you a lot in your advancement of the game, to make groups or teams to carry out many strategies and plays and thus plan the best moment to save the games in the game, in addition, to improve your development in the games and on the maps that you discover. Chat can be confusing to find, but it really is easier than you think.


How to activate Ark: Survival Evolved chat

The chat allows you to write and the other players read you, you can write anything related to the game. It should be noted that it is a great tool for writing and responding, but when it comes to use the microphoneYou must activate the "Mic" of ARK: Survival Evolved and position yourself very close to a player, doing so will only have to speak to him; You can only do it at a moderate distance so that other players can hear you.

Activate chat on PC It is really very simple, you just have to press the "Enter" button on your keyboard and the chat will immediately appear on your screen, from that moment on you will be able to start writing to the other players. If you want to hide the chatbox, you only have to press the key that has this sign "", when pressing it it will be hidden automatically.

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For activate chat on Ps4 You just have to press the "L1" button (this button is on the left side of the control), you will also have to press "Touchpad" (it is the touch button that is in the center of the control); the complete formula to do it will be: L1 + Touchpad; doing that will activate the global chat.

Ways to use ARK: Survival Evolved chat

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It should be noted that there are 3 channels in the ARK: Survival Evolved chats, as well as in its variation of ARK: Survival of the Fittest, these are: The global, tribe and alliance. In addition to the above, it is necessary to know how to change the chat where you are, to the tribal chat to do it in Ps4, it is necessary to press the L1 button again, but this time the next button that we will press will be the Options button, the complete formula to do it is: L1 + Options.

To enter the tribe chat on PC is very simple; on the keyboard you will have to look for the key that has this sign "/", this is usually found in the button of number 7 on your keyboard, on the other hand to be able to write in alliance chat, you will have to press the "Home" button, which is also called the Home button.

To write in the local chat you can press the button called "Insert"; for his part to move up in the chat boxYou must press the "Pguo" button. This button is usually found on the right side of the start button; in the same way to move down you will have to press the "Pgdown" key, this can be found below the "Pguo" button.

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A very useful option for move between different chatsWhile you have the chat input active, it is the tab key "Tab ↹", this key can be found on the left side of your keyboard.

Rules to facilitate communication with other players

Knowing different ARK tools to change the day or that will simply help you to talk with the other players will allow you to improve your experience and that of the other participants. Each of these chats has a different color that will help you easily identify each one.

In the chat of the tribe its characteristic color is green, for the alliance chat the color Blue is used, for other chats the following are used: The yellow, the red and the garnet; It should be noted that your color will be gray.

It is recommended that in game chats, do not exceed with the use of emojis, but these will help you to quickly replace a text, some that you can use are: The happy face with closed eyes, the face that smiles with a wink 😉 and the surprised face with its eyes wide open.

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