How to Crop a Photo or Image in a Circular Shape on Android?

how to crop a photo or image in a circular shape on android

Then we will see how to crop a photo or image into a circular shape on Android With a very useful app that will not only allow us to cut any photo that we have on our device in a circular way, but also with other ways.

Today the photographs have become extremely important. Not only because all our mobile devices have cameras (year after year of better quality) But also because social networks like Instagram have helped people want to share more moments of their day to day with their friends and family.

Many of the cameras we use on our phones are already professional quality. The problem is that Android does not come with certain functions by default to be able to edit them and one of those is the possibility of cropping the photos in a circular way.

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While we can perform square cutouts, making one in a circle or with any other kind of shape is not something natively possible in Android. But don't worry because thanks to the wide variety of applications that we can find in the Play Store, we have the solution.

As you can imagine, the solution is precisely a very interesting application that allows us to cut any kind of photo that you have in the gallery of your device not only circular but with many other shapes. A fairly light, dynamic, intuitive and fast app that works on any Android device.

First let's see what application we are talking about and then let's see a small tutorial so that you learn how to use it and in this way you can cut all the photos you want in a circular way on Android.

crop circle photo

Crop photos in a circular shape with Circle Cutter

In order to cut photos in a circular way we will need to use an application called Circle Cutter. The operating system natively does not have any option to be able to cut photos in this way.

The app that we are going to download from the Play Store not only allows us to make circular cuts, but also has other shapes such as semicircular, oval, square, etc. The application is very simple to use and above all, quite light.

photos crop circle mobile

How to crop photos in a circular shape

  • After opening the application we find a simple interface that works as editor.
  • What we must do is press the sign "+Located in the center.
  • This option will take us to the photo gallery so that we can select the one we want to cut.
  • Once we do, we can see that a circle in the middle of the app. What you will have to do is arrange the photo so that the area you want to cut is inside the circle, the rest will be eliminated.
  • When you have the photo arranged, all you have to do is click on "Crop Now" At the end "Save”To be able to save the photo in the Android gallery.
  • The result will be saved in a folder called “Circle Cutter. "

As you can see, using this application is something extremely simple that you will learn in a matter of a few minutes. Obviously it has many more options that you will have to discover on your own.

However, to cut photos or images in a circular shape it works perfectly. You can choose any other shape you want to obtain different results depending on the photograph in question.

Remember that we are always ready to help you. So if you still have any kind of doubt about Circle Cutter or know of an alternative to cut photos in a circular shape on Android. You can leave us a comment a little further down in the comment box.

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