How to Put Music and Lyrics in WhatsApp Status - Easily

how to put music and lyrics in whatsapp status easily
  1. Is it possible to upload statuses with music on WhatsApp without external Apps?
  2. How to put music in a state with a still image
  3. How can I customize the background music of a video for my status?
  4. What are the best Apps to upload statuses with music?
    1. Story Save
    2. Instadp or Instant DP
  5. WhatsApp and its potential

Knowing how to put music and lyrics in the WhatsApp statuses is now extremely necessary for those who share content daily. The stories in all the different social networks are more and more eccentric and funny. Since people manage to decorate and edit their photos and videos with any type of emoji, sticker or even music.

In this sense, music with lyrics in stories have become popular and are completely in fashion. Since most of the stories that we can observe have this funny propaganda. But not all social networks or messaging services have the option to add these types of content.

Despite its global success, we will agree that WhatsApp still has a lot to develop, one of these development opportunities would be, of course, the power upload to our states the photos or video that we decide with music and lyrics directly.

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While this has not yet become reality, we have the option of performing these procedures that we are going to describe here in easy steps, although we must use up to three different apps to achieve this.

put music lyrics in states

Is it possible to upload statuses with music on WhatsApp without external Apps?

No, It is not possible to put music and lyrics in WhatsApp statuses internally to upload and display to the public. Since, despite the fact that WhatsApp is now a sister application of Facebook and Instagram, this messaging service does not have this option which makes it seem lagged with respect to the other applications already mentioned.

However, although it cannot be done internally, it does not mean that it is already ruled out to put music and lyrics in the WhatsApp statuses. Since there are some applications that do this type of work for you to update your WhatsApp.

How to put music in a state with a still image

To put music in WhatsApp status with a fixed image you must repeat the previous process. The only different thing to do is fix the angle well and of course is the position of the image you want to capture.

You must ensure that the cell phone or device from which it is going to be recorded is completely still. Since if it moves, the image will be blurred and blurred. Therefore, you will not have an exact and beautiful image quality. Just as the music is not going to be the best because it will be heard in the background.

If you do not want this to happen in this way, then you must resort to applications external to WhatsApp. Since you can put music even with the lyrics as long as some of the following apps are used.

How can I customize the background music of a video for my status?

There is a way in which there is no need to search for applications to download to help you put music and lyrics in WhatsApp statuses. This is using the internal music player that the cell phone brings or helping you with the Spotify app.

This process requires that before uploading the story, you must exit WhatsApp and open the player that you consider suitable. Once you have done it, we choose the song that we want to play with our status and it will keep playing even if you exit the app.

Then what comes is to open the WhatsApp and do the basic procedure of uploading a status. But instead of capturing a photo, you should proceed to record a video. But you have to wait to do it just when the part of the song you want to play is about to start.
What happens in this case is that you are going to record yourself with the music playing in the background. After that, you should only publish the result or make a second attempt if you did not like what you have achieved.

What are the best Apps to upload statuses with music?

As explained above, there are some apps and tools that will help you help to put music and lyrics in WhatsApp statuses. You should look for one that is safe and efficient since they have released some apps that cannot do a correct job.

put music lyrics status whatsapp

On the contrary, what they do is put the image with the music and lyrics but with extremely low quality. Therefore, we are going to make the recommendation of two of the most useful in this area and the most used.

Story Save

Story Save is an application that was made as a resource to be able to save the stories that you upload to your Instagram. In this way, the resources and tools that you add to the photo or video on Instagram can also be found in the mobile gallery.

However, since you can have these photos and videos in the gallery. You can also put these images or videos with music and lyrics in the WhatsApp application. What you have to do is download what you have uploaded to Instagram and then mount it on WhatsApp or any other social network app or messaging service.

instagram social network

  1. The first thing we must do is download Story Save from Google Play on our Android device.
  2. After installing this app we go to our Instagram (if you do not have an account, you will need to create an Instagram account). After creating your account or entering your Instagram account, we must make a common story, in the icon where it says "your story".
  3. We select which photos or video we are going to upload and which we have previously saved on the devices you will integrate into your story.
  4. After this music stickers are added where the most popular songs are, you can also search for the one you want and select the fragment you want. You can modify the type and color of the letter.
  5. You press "Done" and then it will be sent to "Share in your stories"After a few seconds the story will appear on our Instagram profile.
  6. Now what follows is to place this story in our WhatsApp, for this we go to Story Save, log in and place our Instagram account.
  7. We will find our Instagram account by means of the name that we have placed, it will appear "stories"There we will find that story that we just made.
  8. Now all you have to do is download this story, in the green arrow that appears at the bottom of the screen, an advertising message appears for 5 seconds, we close it and press the green arrow again.
  9. When the download is completed successfully, we go to our WhatsApp application, we look for the video that we have just downloaded and click on "Send to my state".

So we are done, with these simple steps we have in our WhatsApp status the stories of our Instagram with music and lyrics with credit style. It is recommended have the latest available version of WhatsApp installed or an alternate version like transparent WhatsApp.

Now, this is not the only way we can get Instagram stories to our WhatsApp, there are various apps that can do this in the same way, the procedure varies a bit depending on the app you choose.

Instadp or Instant DP

This is another app developed to apply various tricks on social networks. Through this, processes such as save photos or stories both yours and other people's. But this is also designed so that you can put music and lyrics in the WhatsApp statuses.

  1. The first thing is to create the story on our Instagram, adding the song of our choice to it. You can use Canva to design a good story on your Instagram account.
  2. Then we put the letter or lyrics so that it is seen in the form of credits on the screen.
  3. We edit the lyric style and the song fragment that we prefer in our story.
  4. At the end of this, we share our story in the same way, remember that all your Instagram friends will be able to see all your stories.
  5. At this point we will download the app that we choose between InstaDP or Instant DP.
  6. With these apps we will download our Instagram story, the story will download with everything and sound, some apps tend to block the sound of the storyThat would be of no use to us, luckily this is not the case.
  7. After downloading the video of our Instagram story with music and lyrics, the next step will be to search for the video and enter WhatsApp, then share our video in the state.

touch view instagram stories

WhatsApp and its potential

Although the procedures are very similar to each other, you should know that the apps that we recommend here have differences in their interface that make them easier to handle for different types of user.

We invite you to try each of them and find out which one suits you best and which one is easier for you to handle. So you can share the stories with your friends with good music and if possible with the lyrics and everything. In the same way, we can hope that WhatsApp adds to its options to be able to add music and lyrics to its stories and statuses internally.

It only remains to say that you share this tutorial with your friends or someone you know who needs this information to improve your WhatsApp statuses and look like an editing expert.

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