How to find out who likes you on Badoo | Easy and simple without paying

how to find out who likes you on badoo easy and simple without paying
  1. Find out who likes you on Badoo
  2. Tricks to know who likes to taste on Badoo
  3. What do I have to do to activate Badoo Premium?
  4. Can you send messages on Badoo without having matches?
  5. How can I see who Liked me?

In the world the internet has managed to change many modalities to the point that you allows you to meet people from many parts of the world or even from your own country. The applications do not go unnoticed as there are many for online dating, it is a faster way to get meetings. That is why it is very important to know who likes you on Badoo.

Many are the users who start in this world of online dating, It is a current way of meeting people, regardless of your interests with them. In the same way it is also used to make friends or even to see each other to have a relationship. That's what Badoo is all about, a dating site with millions of users.

Although many do not know it, it is a very popular application today because is available in many countries already. What catches many is that it is totally free, you just have to have the app and create an account on Badoo. Likewise, the application is ideal for meeting people.

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On many occasions we want know who likes us in this app, here we will let you know if this is possible or not on Badoo and for free. Keep reading and know all the information.

Find out who likes you on Badoo

Many of the users who belong to this social network are in the unknown of know who likes you on Badoo, are frequently asked questions that is why there are some tricks for free, but not entirely accurate, but if it is very close to what you want to know.

people having an online date

In the first place, we know that the people who appear in it like it, it shows the photo, but in a way that is not sharp, that is to say, pixelated and at first glance it is not recognizable. For that reason one method is playing matches on Badoo, but with mischief because in this way a page will open.

That page will give you the option to click on the heart icon when you like it then that's when the rogue in encounters will help you, because people who like you will come out of the first options of the game encounters.

This technological development and these applications it will make your appointments or meetings much easier, you can chat and flirt easily on Badoo, get a quick match.

Tricks to know who likes to taste on Badoo

Many people who enter this application want to know everything about Badoo and even more to know who likes you within it. You must proceed to search the list that appears when you enter Badoo. In the same way you can also look for people to like them and if the person returns the like, a messaging window will open.

boy flirting online

In this window you can be in contact with the person and so you will know if the person likes you. If the person simply does not return it to you, the situation is not mutual and you can proceed to find another person.

It is very common that today people access these applications to flirt, but it is good to know other applications to flirt for free in case it is the case that Badoo stops working on your mobile.

Another trick that lets you know who likes you on Badoo is to use the game the superpowers. Through this, you can reveal who have been the people who have liked your photo. However, the downside with this game is that it is not freely available, although there are some tricks online to skip the payment.

In the same way, you can try the following trick, you go to the part that you like and you will see the photos in pixels of the people who have reacted to you. You must enter the pixelated photo of the person who liked you and try to distinguish and remember certain details such as colors or objects.

Later, you leave the photo and look in the visits section. In this part you must look for a profile that matches the characteristics you have memorized. Since in most cases, the people that you like, also visit your profile.

Without the other users the application would not make sense, with them you can share hobbies, chat and get to know each other even more, but like any dating application you must be careful when planning a meeting face to face with these people because we really don't know who is behind it.

Always in social networks the number of contacts or friends refers to the person who is speaking. These numbers are important swe always want to have more people, more contacts who see our publications on social networks.

In the case of Badoo, we want more people to visit our profile and want to chat with us. But you can contribute by being the person who adds contacts on Badoo. Besides that this application has had a high growth, monthly the number of users that belong to this social network grows.

Something that makes this application stand out is that it is capable of locating users, that is, it can get an appointment with someone who is close to where it is. Something very similar to what Tinder offers. Based on certain interests with agreements with the other contact, access a meeting.

Entering the application is the first thing you should do to add people as your contacts and then find out who likes you on Badoo. After logging in you will be able to view the four options given by the application at the bottom of the screen.

In this part you must get into the section that appears an image of a world. This is where you see the people you have with some degree of similarity in tastes or preferences when looking for appointments.

know who liked badoo

Then you must choose any person and then you open their profile to see the information they have. To add her as your contact, you just need to send him a message and automatically they are already connected. To do this, click on chat and write a message.

However, you must eSend this chat to your friends folder because after 30 days the application deletes the chat. To do this, you enter the person's profile and click on add friends

What do I have to do to activate Badoo Premium?

One way to find out who likes you on Badoo is to activate the Badoo Premium option. First you must open your account, logging in, then you must touch the nut that is the settings button.

Then you must click on account and then on the delete account part. You will not delete your account only that the option is in this section. After choosing to delete an account, you click on to continue and then the free Badoo Premium button appears on which you must click.

know who likes me on badoo

The moment you click this button, your Badoo Premium account is activated. So you can use new functions that you did not have before how to see the photos of the people who like you.

Can you send messages on Badoo without having matches?

Yes, you can send a message to anyone on the Baadoo platform, even if a match has not been made. To do this you just have to find a person to whom you want to send the message.

Then, you open the profile of this person and you must look for the part to send a message or chat. Subsequently, a box appears that is where you must write the message and at the end, click on send.

How can I see who Liked me?

Knowing who has liked you is synonymous with knowing who likes you on Badoo. So you must follow the steps mentioned above to distinguish the photos of who has reacted.

What you should do is look for the section of they like me and there will appear all the people who have reacted to you. However, you will not be able to see their photos because as we explained before, they are going to appear pixelated. So to know more about these people you must follow one of the previous procedures.

Another way to know who liked you is when you open a chat with a new person. If you have liked someone, you will know that you have been reciprocated when you open a chat with that person. So you can give lots of likes and wait for the message windows to open.

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