What is YAPE and how does it work? How to Create an Account

what is yape and how does it work how to create an account

YAPE is one of the applications most used in the country of Peru, because it has a simple, fast and secure way to do some banking transactions.

We can say that a large percentage of citizens make frequent use of it and are grateful and satisfied with the bank that gave rise to this new way to mobilize money no need to use an ATM with your debit card.

This application can be managed using a mobile device, since it avoids the need to contact any banking agency that maintains interoperability with this system and can carry out banking operations from the comfort of the place where they are and even more so considering that it is currently totally free.


What is YAPE and what is it for?

It is a new, mobile and fast way to send money. First, using an application or scanning the QR code. This way of sending money is only used by messaging in one of the Latin countries such as Peru.

This modality began to function in 2016, by the Credit Bank of Peru, it does not have a limit number of transactions, being this one of the most used in the Peruvian territory due to its easy and effective functionality, leaving a high degree of user satisfaction.

yape application to transfer money

It is worth mentioning that it is working with six banks in the nation to join this new form of banking movements.

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Taking into account that there is already interoperability between some banks in Peru, such as: Banco de la Nacional, Mi banco and Caja Cusco. In addition, other entities are expected to join the new system.

How does YAPE work?

As a consequence of what is being experienced today by the global pandemic, citizens are in need of financial operations, in this case as payments which is quite complicated to go to a bank to make them.

In this sense, the creation of this new banking platform was very favored, in this case Peru had a Latin country, where they gave rise to this financial platform, in this way, the new mobile application will benefit a large crowd of people.

It works like a normal application of instant messagingFirst of all, we must have the YAPE application downloaded to the mobile device. It is not necessary to have the number of the account to which you are sending. Next, the only thing we must have is the cell phone number of the person who will receive the remittance. This application works as a kind of 'Mobile Payment'. It would be the equivalent in Peru, to the famous 'Zelle' of Bank Of America.

Another simple way to power do it is by the QR codeWe can do it by scanning this code, we enter the amount of money correctly and then we accept.

phone with yape application

In the same way, a simple way to use the application is as follows: We download the YAPE application from the Play Store, then you register and access with a password, followed by selecting yapear, here they appear all your contacts and you must choose who you are going to carry out the transaction, finally you correctly place the amount of the operation and press accept.

Taking into account that there are several banks in the nation working with this system, has no additional charge for transfer, for now. There is a maximum amount established per day for both sending or receiving money and it must be done between interoperable banks.

We must bear in mind that there are not only benefits for the user, the banks and the personnel who work thereAs the number of users visiting the agencies will decrease, the pressure on customer service staff will decrease, and in turn the bank's customers will increase.

It is worth mentioning that the YAPE application also lends itself to carry out scams for this reason it must be used carefully and the password used must be highly confidential.

How to create a YAPE account with my ID

  1. Firstly we agree to the Play Store application on the mobile device
  2. Here in the same way we look for the YAPE application and then the we download
  3. At the same time we click on the option create Account
  4. There we must write down the number of our cell phone, then we clearly and accurately record the code which in turn will be sent to our mobile phone
  5. We carefully set our data and we create a password
  6. Thus we finally obtain our account to gladly begin to use the functions offered by this tool provided by Banco del Credito Del Peru.

YAPE User App

How to use YAPE to send and receive

Using YAPE is quite simple, since it is a platform designed to be able to make payments much easierAs we mentioned earlier, this application seeks to facilitate payment processes in which bank transfers, card payments or cash are not really the best options.

To use YAPE, you will first need to have a series of mandatory requirements, that without them, you will not be able to access this platform. The main thing will be to be affiliated with the system, so it is important that you follow the previous point to the letter.

Starting 'Yapear' is very simple, since We will only have to follow a simple list of steps. To begin, we will have to enter the application and look for the option of 'Yapear', to later select it.

After having entered the 'Yapeo' option, you will have to select the contact you want to send the money to, or 'yapearle', it is important that these contacts also have the YAPE platform.

After that, you will have to put the amount you want to transfer, or 'yapear', accompanied (if you wish) by a note. It is important that you know that there is a maximum daily amount that you can transfer.

Finally, you will select the YAPE option and that's it, you will have successfully transferred. You can repeat this process as many times as you want, bearing in mind that, as we mentioned earlier, you will have a daily shipping limit.

Limits on YAPE transactions

A fairly frequent question when using this type of service is, Do you have a daily transaction limit?, and yes, that's right, this platform has not just one, but two different types of maximum daily amount.

First, is for BCP usersThese will be able to make daily transfers, or make payments of a maximum S / 500 (five hundred Peruvian Soles). Similarly, BCP clients may receive a maximum of S / 20,000 (Twenty thousand Peruvian soles) per day.

Now, the second type of maximum amount, they have it clients of other financial entities, since they have a maximum amount of YAPE transfer, of only S / 200 (Two hundred Peruvian soles), per day, and they can receive up to S / 2.000 (Two thousand Peruvian soles) per day.

The maximum amount may vary according to the BCP (Banco de Crédito de Perú) decides and deems it convenient.


How to use YAPE without having a bank account

Before, you could only use YAPE if you had a BCP (Banco de Crédito de Perú) bank account. At present it is necessary that you have an account with a bank, but not necessarily from the BCPWhat is true is that if you do not have a BCP account, the daily transfer limit will be lower.

Another fairly simple way to sign up for YAPE without a BCP account is simply by affiliating your phone number and your ID.

How to withdraw my money at YAPE

Withdrawing money from YAPE is quite simple, since you can do it from any authorized agent of the BCP, as if it were a cash transfer. You will only have to present your ID, a key from the App and that's it.

This process is quite simple, find out how to do it:

  • To get started, you must have the YAPE application on your mobile, ready to use.
  • You will go directly to the Menu and look for the tab 'YAPE cash withdrawal'.
  • You will proceed to enter the amount you want to withdraw, along with a withdrawal key. As you well know, the maximum amount to withdraw is 500 soles per day.

It is important that when going to a physical agent of the BCP you do so with your ID in hand, since without this requirement cash is not allowed to be withdrawn.

YAPE is an alternative created in order to make all payments can be carried out in a much more comfortable way, both for the user and for the seller. Have you already dared to try it?

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