How to Fix DirecTV Error 771 No Satellite Signal? - Easy and Fast (Example)

1629356628 How to Fix DirecTV Error 771 No Satellite Signal
  1. What is DirecTV Error 771?
  2. Do a decoder reset
  3. Fix DirecTV Error 771: Cable Failure
  4. Obstructions in your antenna
  5. Climatic incidents
  6. The antenna has moved out of place

Not sure how to fix DirecTV error 771? This is one of the bugs that most concern users of this satellite service. Since, with it, you have exclusive channels that you could not find, for example, with the open TV signal.

However, there are several ways to find your fix and get back to enjoying programming. Keep reading, it is not only about improving the reception of the digital signal.

What is DirecTV Error 771?

As the message of this bug indicates, error 771 is related to your company decoder being found "No satellite signal". This causes that you do not have access to the programming, although you can turn on the device, not even to the channels that you already enjoyed as HBO. If you wish, you can easily create an HBO GO account.

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There are several causes of this problem, being as varied as one poor wired connection from the antenna and even a change in its position.

In this sense, it is important to determine the source of the failure in order to resolve error 771 DirecTV. Well, according to this, it is that you will carry out one process or another of those that you will see below.

Do a decoder reset

If at first glance the signal cable that goes from the antenna to your receiver is fine, you can try doing a reset. Even if it was a little loose, after fixing it, you can do the following.

directv decoder and remote control

First, you must find the "Reset" button, this is usually red. And while it may vary by set-top box, it tends to be located next to the access card entrance, on the front of the device. Now, You only have to press said button to reset. If this was the problem, you may have been able to fix Error 771 DirecTV.

Fix DirecTV Error 771: Cable Failure

Another of the first verifications that you can do to find the solution to this error is to check the wired connection. This goes from the DirecTV antenna to your decoder and, sometimes, it can loosen resulting in a lack of satellite signal.

Therefore, it is recommended that you disconnect both the cable, the adapters (if you have them) and even the power connection. Thus, you must allow 15 seconds to pass and then reconnect in order each one, leaving the power one for the end.

Remember that this cable must be connected to decoder input It says "Satellite-In" or just "In", otherwise this could be the fault.

Obstructions in your antenna

By looking at your antenna and determining the direction it is facing, you may find some kind of obstruction preventing you from connecting to the satellite. This can be some construction, tree or something similar.

If it's an obstacle that you can get rid of, this could fix DirecTV error 771. But, if its elimination is more complicated, you should consider calling the technical service of the company or moving your antenna from place.

Climatic incidents

Sometimes, error 771 is caused by certain weather problemsFor example, heavy rain, snow, or winds. In this case, little or nothing can be done to solve it from your home.

directv error 771 without satellite signal

In fact, you will have to wait for the situation to pass and the company itself restores the service, you can contact them through their official page or numbers. If you think this may be the cause, avoid unplugging your cable box or making other significant changes.

The antenna has moved out of place

Sometimes, This failure in the connection with the satellite may be due to the fact that the antenna has moved out of place. Not necessarily in a great way, but if you're not in the right place, you won't be able to pick up the signal properly.

This can be generated by a problem in the supports or fasteners of the same, which causes its movement. In addition to this, it can also be caused by a minor impact or collision that could cause an inappropriate incline. So the solution to this fault initiator 771 What is given in DirecTV is, without a doubt, to reposition the antenna in the right direction.

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