Fix Error: 'OOBEKEYBOARD or OOBESETTINGS' when Installing Windows 10 in VirtualBox

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In the world of computing, VirtualBox is a tool very useful and indispensable. With it, we can test any system that we want to install on a PC, without having to sacrifice the old system. This is done through the tool's own utilities and its use is really simple.

After downloading Virtualbox for Windows, an error can become very frustrating. Given this, today we teach you How to fix 'OOBEKEYBOARD or OOBESETTINGS' error when installing Windows 10 in VirtualBox

OOBESETTINGS error messages that usually appear when installing Windows 10

The Windows installation process has been simplified over the years, in fact today can be done in a few minutes. You may already take this for granted, but a few years ago, this process was much more complex and long-lasting. In any case, while the installation is more efficient, the possibility of errors still prevails

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The error with the files 'OOBEKEYBOARD or OOBESETTINGS' it is not a common thing, but it is usually tied to Windows installations. The causes can be diverse, but fortunately there is a solution that is efficient in most cases. If you want to try it, just keep reading.

Steps to Fix OOBESETTINGS Errors Quickly

When installing Windows there is the possibility of various errors, especially if the installation is done through VirtualBox. One of those common errors is the 'OOBEKEYBOARD or OOBESETTINGS' error, which usually appears when installing Windows 10 or another version.

errors oobekeyboard oobesettings solution virtual box windows

In fact, the error does not appear only when installing through a virtual machine. There is also the possibility that the error is displayed when installing Windows in a normal way. Fortunately, there are some things we can do to fix the problem, but for this we will need the command console.

  • To start the command console, simply press the key combination Shift + F10. At the same time remember that you can put Virtualbox in full screen mode, to work more comfortably.
  • Once the command prompt appears during Windows installation, write the code "net user administrator / active: yes”And hit the Enter key.
  • After writing the code above, write "cd oobe”And hit Enter.
  • Now you must write "exe”And again use the Enter key to continue the process.
  • The last step will be to write the code "oobe”And for the last time, press Enter.
  • Doing the above will display the installation loading screen. Just wait until the process has finished. In most cases you will be able to continue the Windows installation without problems

Restore the last created restore point

Restore a Snapshot or restore point is really simple. From the main menu of VirtualBox, we will have to look for the button that says 'restore'. Once we click it, all the captures made previously should appear. Accessing any of these is as easy as clicking on one of them and then starting the virtual machine from scratch.

Reinstall Microsoft Access if it was previously installed

Reinstall Access It is something that should not take us long, to do this it is necessary that we have not deleted the installer yet. What we will have to do is look for it in our downloads folder and run it as the first time.
By doing this, the menu will be displayed and we will be able to do the installation normally, we will give next, we will accept the terms and finally to install. In this way it will begin to reinstall itself on our computer. This is an advantage because this way you can correct any errors that the previous version had.

Update the operating system

In VirtualBox there is no such option for update an operating system or ISOFor this we will have to download a new system image to test it with the virtual emulator. We can do this from several sites, but the best thing is that it is from official pages such as Microsoft's or Ubuntu's.

Is there an alternative way to fix OOBESETTINGS errors?

In the event that the solution shown above doesn't work, there is a variation of the previous method that might help. In addition, it is also valid in the event that this error appears while using your computer or virtual machine. To use this method read the following information.

  • First, it will be necessary to open the Windows command console, this time you can do it by pressing the key combination Shift + F10.
  • The Windows command console will be displayed, in it you must write the following code "net user administrator / active: yes”, After this press Enter.
  • Now write the following code "net user / add admin password”And hit the Enter key again.
  • The next code that we must use is "net localgroup administrators admin / add”And press Enter again.
  • After the above, write the code "cd% windir% system32 oobe”And hit Enter again.
  • Finally, write “exe”At the command console and press Enter again.
  • After the above, a loading screen should appear, after which the computer should boot normally. In the event that it is not, simply press the off button and turn it back on.

windows virtualbox errors oobekeyboard oobesettings

The methods shown above are functional in solving the error in most circumstances. Therefore, if you cannot install Windows due to 'OOBEKEYBOARD or OOBESETTINGS' error in your virtual machine, follow the instructions above exactly.

If all the above works, it only remains to perform the basic processes to configure Windows in your virtual machine. Therefore, do not forget to adjust the Windows 10 screen resolution of VirtualBox.

On the other hand, if VirtualBox really doesn't work for you or the fault persists, you can increase the size of the virtual machine's hard disk. Perhaps this will help solve the problem.

Replace the OOBESETTINGS files

Another way to solve the oobe error, we will have to replace files that are deep in the system, for this it is necessary to do a series of commands that do this automatically.

What is the command to repair OOBEKEYBOARD error?

To replace the files, we will have to enter a series of commands In the console, this is done in an automated way once we enter them. At first we will have to open the console and write 'net localgroup administrators N / add' the letter 'N' must be replaced by the name of the team.

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Once we have written this, a success message will appear, and then it will allow us to continue writing. Then we will write the command 'cd% windir% system32 oobe' and enter.
With this done, it will be enough to write the name of the affected file, which in our case is the msoobe.exe, we write it in the console and we give enter. With this, the problem will be solved, the computer will restart and be ready.

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