How to Fix Lidl Plus Error or Problems - Lidl Plus Not Working (Example)

how to fix lidl plus error or problems lidl plus not working

Lidl Plus is one of the best options that exists when downloading a supermarket application that allows you to save. This is due to the functions it has inside and how easy it is to use. However, not everything is rosy, and sometimes even the best ones fail, that is why today you will learn how to solve errors or problems with Lidl Plus.

Although this app is among the number 1 in Spain, it is not without problems, especially when it comes to exchanging coupons or making a discount, that is why many users have been looking for a guide to solve this problem, with which they can not only learn the solution, but also what Lidl Plus is and how it works.

How to fix Lidl Plus errors or problems?

To get straight to the point and quickly understand how to fix errors or problems with Lidl Plus, the first thing to keep in mind is that as in any official application of the Playstore or AppStore there are many errors still without solution, so today's solutions will be as general as possible to try to cover them all.

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Now, the first error that can occur when using this application, which is one of the most common and tedious, is that do not let you login or login in any way.

lidl plus hand mobile logo

Many people have reported that sometimes the application does not allow users to log into their accounts. The solution for this is not very clear, as it can be fixed alone or with only uninstall or reinstall the app (which will remove the corrupted files).

But if none of this works, then your only solution is to call or contact Lidl Plus customer support. This method is the one that is recommended to solve this error and any other, since this app really has a good support system that solves problems in the shortest possible time.

The contact number to call them in Spain is 900 958 311 and the call will be free if you are on Spanish territory. In turn, there is also a form that you can find on their website (it is at the bottom of the page), which when filling it out will be sent to the advisors who will return the solution shortly.

Lidl Plus coupon mistakes

Now that you know the best options to solve errors or problems with Lidl Plus, it is time for you to see some more specific solutions for the problem that occurs with coupons, which is also very frequent.

In the event that the error is that you cannot activate a coupon (any), you must first check that you have registered in Lidl Plus correctly, that you are inside the app (logged in), that the coupon is new or valid and that you have a connection to a network.

lidl mobile app scratch awards

If you meet all these requirements and you cannot activate the discount, then the solution proposed by the company is to open and close the app at least three times, or to close your session and start again a couple of times, since that should activate your coupon.

The same happens if you cannot view your discount coupons, it is recommended to open and close the app or restart it, and if it doesn't work, contact Lidl Plus customer service and ask for the solution.

Remember that when trying to contact Lidl Plus, they will probably take a long time to answeras these are large companies with thousands of calls per day.

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And voila, with that last thing you read, you know enough to say that you can solve errors or problems with Lidl Plus, so you only have to contact customer service and get advice. In the event that it is not fixed, you can always look for the best applications to order food or products in Spain and change.

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  1. 07508404596 dice:

    Hello I am British and do not speak Spanish, Sorry
    I have tried phoning customer services in the UK and there is no one to speak to with technical problems and suggested Google phone numbers are not valid.
    Here is my problem: After shopping at Lidl a few days ago, I scratched the Scratchcard but got a message saying "something went wrong" Even though there is a X in the top left of the page nothing happens when I press it and try to close the page. So now I cannot use my Lidl Plus App at all (every time I tap the Lidl Plus icon App it goes back to the scratchcard error page. How can I get the page to close so I can use my App again? Thank you, Pauline Gill Bristol UK

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