How to Make and Use a Working Hopper in Minecraft? - Crafting Hoppers (Example)

how to make and use a working hopper in minecraft crafting hoppers
  1. Make and use a working hopper in Minecraft
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Minecraft is one of the most popular games of the moment. This is mainly due to the large number of updates that have been introduced in their validity period. These are good, but they can also be overwhelming for some. So Today you will learn how to make and use a hopper that works in Minecraft.

And it is that if they are going to talk about strange objects that have been added to the game, the hopper would take the number one prize. Because despite being one of the objects more functional, It is also one of the least used for the very reason that people do not even know of its existence.

Make and use a working hopper in Minecraft

To get straight to the point, the first thing that logically you need to do to create this curious item is to update Minecraft to the latest version, then you have to look for the following materials for its construction:

Five iron ingots, two logs of wood, a furnace, any source of fuel such as coal, and of course a construction table.

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These should be placed in a specific order or recipe, like any other object in the game, to get the correct result. But before placing them, you have to transform some of the previous materials.

The first thing would be the logs, which must be refined so that they become wooden boards, once you have them you have to go to the work table and place a board in each box except the second in row number two, to create a chest (if you do not know how to create the oven, it is the same, but with stone).

minecraft hopper item

Second you have to melt the metal block, to be able to craft the iron ingots, and with this proceed to create the hopper on the table, placing the items in the following order:

In the first row, two ingots are placed, one in square number one and the other in the third, in the second row one ingot is placed in the first square followed by the chest in the second and another ingot in the third and finally in the third row a single ingot is placed in square number two.

Hopper function in game

With the above you already know the first part of How to make and use a hopper that works in Minecraft?, now you must learn what it is used for.

The truth is very simple, this item basically what it achieves is pick up the objects fall on top of him automatically, and transfer them to another container that is below (as if it were a funnel).

This is very useful because it allows users to create automatic things such as ovens that work practically on their own (it does not matter if it is an oven or an automatic oven). To achieve this, you must first place the hopper on the floor with the right click, then an oven on top of it and a chest below it, this will make it go directly to the chest when the food is ready.

In addition, you can also do it the other way around and place the hopper on top of the oven so that the fuel falls directly without the need for you to put it. For this make and use a hopper that works in Minecraft it is necessary to have a complete experience in the game.

golem with minecraft character

To finish you should know that you can even create traps for creatures with it, you just have to place a hopper on top of a chest and then around it (there can be several), build a tower of any material that is at least 30 stories high.

So that when any mob in the game appears naturally in that part, it falls and kills itself, leaving the objects on top of the hopper that will automatically pass them to the chest.

And ready with the above, the question has been completely answered How to make and use a working hopper in Minecraft?, so Go do it now! so that later you can go on to create more complicated things like making a loom in Minecraft.

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