How to Put Notes or Reminders on My Android's Lock Screen (Example)

how to put notes or reminders on my androids lock screen

Since Android released its version of Lollipop, notifications when locking the screen has proven to be very useful. This has increased in such a way that since then there is the possibility of putting notes or reminders within it.

It all consists of enable the presence of Widgets or notifications on this screen, which is automatically activated on some devices.

This is known because many versions of devices show information related to alarms, music and other reminders when the mobile in question is locked.

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Unfortunately, putting notes or reminders on the lock screen it's not possible via the default app "Notes" Of the device. That is why it is necessary to go to third parties to create a Widget or a notification that is displayed when necessary within this section.

Therefore, today we will talk to you about different applications that allow you to carry out this task, so that you will not miss something so important that you do not want to forget.

Put notes or reminders with "Notes and more on lock screen"

This first application that we will mention in this article has the particularity of being very simple and low weight, clearly available within the Google Play Store and on different pages to download in APK format.

Its purpose is to fulfill the function of create and organize notes, with the possibility of adding a widget to both the main screen and the lock screen.

Put notes or reminders

The application interface allows the creation of notes, lists and reminders. As well as exporting them to the internal storage of the device as a text or image file.

Moreover, also allows exporting a backup, whose recipient is Google Drive, in case the information is important and requires such a task.

To use it, you only need to click on the creative model that most closely matches your need, start writing and after saving, decide where to place it.

Pushbullet allows you to put notes or reminders through notifications

An application whose idea arose after the advantages offered by Lollipop, Pushbullet can also be defined as a software that seeks create reminders when the user needs it most.

The good thing is that its function does not end there, as it is an application that can be installed on both mobile devices and computers.

In each of them he is able to create notes, establish links, manipulate files and sync clipboard of both teams to each other.

Given to his high level of versatilityPutting notes or reminders is possible both on the PC and on the mobile, even placing the order from the synchronized device.

put notes or reminders through notifications

But if what interests us is that the reminder in question appears on the lock screen. It will only be necessary to start the application and click on the "FAB" button to create the note.

When you finish placing the content, it will only be necessary to select the device where you want the note to appear. It will pop up automatically between lock screen notifications. If the body of text is greater than 5 words, it will be necessary to make a "Swipe down" to view the content.

Do Note by IFTTT also uses the notification bar to put notes or reminders on the lock screen

Quite similar to the application mentioned above, with the only difference that Do Note uses emails to display your reminders between notifications.

When starting the application, the option to create a note, within which you can place the content you need to remember.

When all this is finished, you must click on the email icon to enter your address and the reminder will be sent as a message. Which will make it appear automatically in the notification bar.

At the end of the day it is quite useful to manipulate any of the options mentioned in this article. Well, each one is characterized by executing the function of showing notes when we need it most.

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This way, you no longer have to worry about memorizing a important information, as it is your device, you will have the necessary tool to remember it.

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