How to Recover a Deleted or Blocked Badoo Account with Phone Number

1630178559 How to Recover a Deleted or Blocked Badoo Account with

Badoo is currently one of the social networks most important Internet, how much freedom when being on it, and the most comfortable ways to meet new people, was launched in 2006 and currently has about 330 million users.

This social network is mainly used for dating, with a pretty good security, Badoo can sometimes be very strict in this matter, and can even block your account due to inactivity, if this has already happened or you have some other similar problem, these tips may be useful to you.

How to recover my deleted account?

If for any reason, your Badoo account has been eliminated, or you have made this decision yourself and want to recover it, this process is simple, you just have to follow a few steps.

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If you have your phone at hand, and you used it when registering, you can select the option to recover my password, by clicking on the button "Do not you remember your password?"Once there you enter the phone number with which you registered, a code will arrive on your cell phone and with this you can change your password and re-enter your account.

When registering on the website, you must have received an email, notifying that the account has been created successfully, this same can be used to reactivate your account, but you must bear in mind that you have a term, no longer than 30 days to perform this process.

badoo social network recover mobile account

After this time, Badoo will delete your account with all your data, not being able to recover it in any way. Once in your Email, and looking for the respective email, click on the box "Recover my profile"With this, you will be redirected to a window where you must enter some special characters.

How to recover my blocked account?

If your account has been blocked, means that you must have broken some rule of the community, one of the strengths of this social network is the extreme care it takes when it comes to its community rules.

In this case, perhaps you did not comply with the "terms of use", and in order to regain access to your account you have to contact Badoo technical support, there is no set deadline once the request is made, in the best case it will be soon.

You must fill out a form by entering "", you select the option "general question", followed by this it will ask you for your username and your email address, associated with your Badoo user, then a box will appear in which you can present your case and request the unlocking of your bill.

You will also be allowed to attach a screenshot to facilitate the explanation, after this you will have to enter some special characters for security reasons, and finally press the button "send Message". The technical support team will attend to your request and they will make the decision to unlock your account or not.

Other tips and suggestions

Badoo allows you a lot of freedom when using its application, but also like any social network it has its own rules, which you must respect to avoid any of these inconveniences.

When registering you must take into consideration that you must provide your data wellEither your cell phone or your email, so that at the time of any of these problems you can speed up your recovery process, since if you do not have access to any of these, you will not be able to do anything with your account and you will have to create another.

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Also, you should keep in mind that you must have your data well saved and not share them with anyone, the password of your account, that of your email, you must know them only you, with this information you can be hacked, if someone has access to your email they can not only change your password but even erase your account completely .

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For this make sure you don't share your data with any other user, or place them in any form, Badoo will never ask you to enter your password anywhere other than when logging in or making a major change to your account.


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