How to Remaster Old Videos or Movies Improving Quality Without Errors Easily

how to remaster old videos or movies improving quality without errors easily

Technology has shown us over the years the incredible ability to turn what we thought impossible into possible. From communicating with anyone through social networks regardless of distance to putting any face in a moving video.

These and other ideas have been taken to the possible reality, and among all of them could not miss the possibility of mastering videos or old movies improving their video quality completely.

That's right, that movie that produces so many nostalgic memories in you and of which you thought was irretrievable now, thanks to the development and advances of technology, it can be remastered and reconverted to the same movie, but in better quality without any errors.

How can you master an old video or movie and improve the quality?

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You will surely think, how is it possible that an old movie with a dirty old video quality can be converted to a high definition version?

Before answering the question, it is important that you know that in the years when the great and old films were recorded they used rolls of film with 35mm technology known also as the negative recording roll. Said roll of film recorded video in resolutions up to 4096 x3112.

Master copies

Now, the remastered copies of the films, also known as "master copies", and although it seems a bit crazy, are mastered with a quality even higher than 4K itselfIt just resizes to 4: 3 resolution scaling. It is clearly still a much higher resolution than what is normally seen in any video player.

animation improves quality

So, with this we can conclude that, even though the movies and their filming can be recorded at an exaggeratedly high quality and resolution, in the end it ends up being adapted to the maximum resolution that the video player or screen you have is capable of supporting it.

For this very reason, from time to time you can see some good movie classics. being remastered to enjoy them in better video quality.

How can I master my favorite videos and movies?

In order for your favorite videos and movies to be mastered, it is important have a good video editor program. There are some that even help you improve the quality of a blurry or pixelated video, however, today we are going to explain how to do it through Wondershare Filmora.

Locate the media file

The video remastering process with Wondershare Filmora is pretty straightforward. The first thing you should do is locate the old video or movie for which you want to improve the video quality. With the Filmora program open on your computer, you will search for the "Import" buttonYou can also drag the video (or audio if you want) and take it to the program.

Edit visual parameters and improve appearance

With the multimedia file selected in Filmora, click on the "Edit" option, this way you can make some basic modifications, such as rotating, cropping or changing the speed of the video. Even if you like, you can change the saturation, brightness, contrast and hue of the videoas well as adding some default Filmora filters.

filmora video editing interface

Stabilize the pixels of your movie

One way to eliminate noise in the image is by using the "Video stabilization”. This will make your video really improve in quality and look less cluttered or blurry.

Save your amazing and improved video

Once you have edited your video or movie in the way that you liked the most, you can proceed to save the results of your artistic remastering. Click on the "Create" button and decide the location where your remastered movie or video will be saved. Filmora has a wide catalog of formats in which you can save your creations.

On the other hand, if you want to quickly upload it to your social networks and share it with your followers, Filmora also allows you to do it easily.

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Wondershare Filmora is one of the most complete programs, and if their filters are not good enough, you can add your own or use other programs to make and edit videos.


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