How to Update an Old iPad to the Latest Version - Step by Step Guide

how to update an old ipad to the latest version step by step guide
  1. How to update my iPad to the latest version
  2. Some recommendations before updating an old iPad to its latest version
    1. Verify the age of the device
    2. Make sure updates are available
    3. Make a backup
  3. How can I update an old iPad?
    1. Wirelessly
    2. Using a computer

The Apple devices they are highly valued by many users as it is a very select brand of phones and tablets. The benefits of these devices make them totally safe models. Also with constant updates from Apple, iPhones and iPads are always at the forefront.

Despite this, the launch of new models year after year makes many of our devices a bit outdated, in fact there comes a point where the new updates that Apple releases are no longer compatible with old iPhones and iPads.

This is something quite negative, since in case of unable to update software from our iPad, we will not be able to download the new applications or updates that are coming out, because they always point to the latest update of the operating system.

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Apple recently released a new software update. The good news is that iOS 13 is compatible with many somewhat older devices. For this reason, in this article we will teach you how to update your old iPad to the latest version, easily and quickly.

How to update my iPad to the latest version

There are two quick and easy ways to do it. The first is from your PC via iTunes. For this you will need the most recent version of the program and connect your device.

With your device connected, open iTunes and find the device you want to update in the upper right corner. The next thing will be to click summary and then check for updates. Finally you must click download and update. It is a short process that can take a few minutes.

apple tablet

On the other hand, you can also do it from your iPad directly. It is recommended that you are connected to a wifi network, since the process consumes a lot of the Internet.

What you must do is go to the settings icon and we will see in the general option that a notification will appear, represented by a number 1. If we click on general, we will see that the same appears. 1 in software update option. We will have to click on that option and we can see which is the Apple version.

We will click install and wait a bit. It is advisable to have more than 50% battery, since the process can take a while.

Some recommendations before updating an old iPad to its latest version

It is important to keep a few things in mind before installing new software on an old iPad in order to minimize any type of complication later. Among the most important recommendations are:

Verify the age of the device

As we mentioned above, Apple releases updates to its operating system on a regular basis and sends us a small notification so we can update. However, if your iPad is a very old model the most advisable thing is that you do not update it.

iOS Apple settings

In general, the models are adaptable, so it can almost always be updated, but if it is one of the first iPad models that Apple released, it is recommended that the software not be updated, since it is possible that the tablet will decrease its performance quite a bit.

Make sure updates are available

Take this into account, it is extremely important when you want to make an update, first we need to make sure updates are available And then if we will do what we want, to know the updates that we can download on our iPad we do the following:

We must enter "general settings" and click on "search for updates", then quickly and efficiently, we will have the versions available on the screen, and then click on "download" or "update"

Make a backup

Back up your data by making a backup copy before installing the iOS 13 version, so that if you lose information while updating to the new operating system, you can get it back again.

Backup from iCloud

To make a backup of your iPad from the iCloud application you must connect to a Wi-Fi network and then open your device's settings to select your name and your iCloud.

You must select iCloud backup and you must make sure iCloud Backup is activated. The next thing will be to select to make a backup now and finally verify that the backup has completed successfully.

Backup using a PC

The first thing you should do is open iTunes and verify that it is updated to the latest version. Connect your device to the PC and enter the password in case it asks you.

Then select st iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and then click on back up now. You can check if the backup finished successfully by selecting iTunes Preferences, Edit, Preferences, Devices.

How can I update an old iPad?

There are two ways to update our device, in this case it is an old iPad that needs to be renewed, but how is it possible to update it? In the following ways:


For performing this method is very simple, We only have to first connect our device to an internet network in this case, WiFi. Then, we go to "settings and then to" general "and click on the option that indicates" software update ".

Continuing like this, click on "install and download", it may ask us to enter our access code, if so, we just have to enter it and the update will be downloaded automatically and quickly.

Using a computer

For many people, it seems a more complicated process to use a computer or PC when making this type of updates. But the reality is not that, however it is much easier to do it from a computer, since the steps are less.

First, we must connect the device, that is, our iPad, to the computer or PC; When you do this, a pop-up window should appear on your computer screen, indicating that a new device has been connected. Then, we enter the device, look for the "general configuration", and we look for the new updates.

To end the process, we click on "download and update", It will not take many minutes, and we will have our iPad updated very quickly.

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