The Best Ludo Club Tricks and Tips to Play, Win and Avoid Getting Killed

the best ludo club tricks and tips to play win and avoid getting killed
  1. What is Ludo Club?
  2. Tips to win on Ludo Club
  3. What power-ups are there and how to use them?

Ludo Club is a game developed for mobile devices, based on the traditional board game Ludo. Since its release it has had a great impact on users, who, overwhelmed by the situations that they live day by day due to the quarantine, look for some distraction.

The Best Ludo Club Tricks and Tips to Play Win

Ludo Club is based on the principles of the original game, in which you must roll the dice and advance the number of squares that it says. It is a simple and easy game style to master quickly.

What is Ludo Club?

Ludo was originally designed as a board game, and it remained so for many years until the release of its mobile version, Ludo Club. The latter offers two game modes. In first place, the classic mode, in which you have to move your four chips to the end of the road (also called “house”); for this you must roll the dice.

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One or two traditional dices can be used. The dices are rolled once per turn. If you land on a square that is already occupied by another player, you can eliminate it, returning it to the start position and having to start from scratch with that token. You can also join two of your tokens in the same square and win a bonus.

best tricks to play ludo club to win on the board

The other game mode is called “RUSH”, which is original to this installment. It is based on exploiting one of the basic characteristics of original Ludo, which is to eliminate opponents. Here the winner is the one who eliminates the most opponents from the board. This game mode is a little more frenetic than the previous one.

Ludo Club is primarily an online game. Therefore, you will need to have an internet connection. In addition, it is recommended that you optimize your connection in the best way, so that you do not have any problems while playing the game.

Tips to win on Ludo Club

When playing Ludo Club, you must remember that it is a competitive game in which all other players will try to eliminate your pieces at all costs. So, do not trust what they tell you in the chat, nor do you try to negotiate positions.

As you progress through the game, at some point you will have to go through the entry of an enemy. Therefore, it is important that you move your pieces carefully and that you do not rush too much, since they own that line and it will be easier for them to eliminate you.

At the beginning of the game, we usually manage one or two chips. We must try to advance them as much as possible before the other rivals do so, in order to have a strategic advantage.

In addition, despite the fact that Ludo Club does not consume many resources if your mobile device brings the gaming mode you should activate it. And if it does not bring it and also has very little RAM, then you must free up a little of memory so that the game does not have problems.

What power-ups are there and how to use them?

In Ludo Club there are many power-ups that you can use throughout the game. All of them will serve you to increase the probability of getting a number. Depending on which one you choose, you can get one or the other numbers. For example, if you choose the most basic, you will have the possibility that one of the even numbers (2, 4 and 6) will come out.

tips to move the ludo club tiles

On the other hand, there is a medium-level power-up which will give you results of odd numbers. This is one of the least used, since the numbers are 5, 1 and 3. But they are easier to get than even numbers.

All these power-ups can be purchased with in-game money, which you can accumulate by winning games or simply playing for a while. Furthermore, you have the possibility of buying them with real money. They all come in packs, and, as it is logical to think, the most expensive are the ones that give you the most money.

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