Why can't I Send Big Stickers on WhatsApp? - Solution (Example)

why cant i send big stickers on whatsapp solution
Why cant I Send Big Stickers on WhatsApp Solution

You may experience problems sending large Stickers on WhatsApp while using the application. An error that has been occurring for some time and that has affected many users.

Stickers have become a sensation in message apps and some of these have a large capacity size. More than anything, because they are animated or of better quality, and if you don't want to stop using them, you can take a look at this post.


Before you start: Sending large stickers on WhatsApp is now limited

Recently, the app developers have been forced to somewhat reduce the size of the Stickers. That is to say, many of the ones that you probably used previously you will no longer be able to send them to your friends and acquaintances.

This measure is carried out because the flow or operation of the application servers has been decreasing with the constant load of elements. And to avoid drops or connection errors as in other platforms, the standard size of these figures was reduced considerably.

However, while for some of these there is no longer a remedy, for others there is still a solution. This is accomplished by doing a little cache clearing or by restoring some storage space on your device.

They are little tricks that, even when they may seem insignificant, manage to take effect for some of your old saved Stickers. You can find out about these processes in more detail below.

Space problems or low internal storage

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Before you start evaluating the more complicated problems, it is always recommended that you consider the simpler aspects. As you read before, if you find inconveniences to send large Stickers in WhatsApp, you may solve some by freeing up storage space.

sticker chats

This procedure can be carried out from any file manager that you have installed on the device. Or, use the phone's settings section, which you can access from the settings icon in the applications menu.

In either of these two means you can verify if you are a little short of space on your mobile, and thus delete apps or junk documents. You can also proceed to delete duplicate files on WhatsApp, which are generally the reason for the limited space.

Also, you will be able to free up a little space by clearing the cache of various applications or other methods to delete unnecessary documents. And in this way, you will be able to send large stickers on WhatsApp (although not all).

Luckily, this will be a less far-reaching method that you will have to perform to try and resolve the error in these figures. Instead, you won't have to apply more drastic actions like download WhatsApp again or use an extra official version.

Add new stickers from WhatsApp

One of the positives of all this is that WhatsApp has a section where, like applications like Telegram, you can download Stickers. Something that can be really convenient for you and all the users who have been unable to use some of these.

android mobile

In this sense, from here you will see a quite varied selection of emoticons and "Stickers" with an excellent finish. You can access it from an individual or group chat, from the "Emoji" symbol, in the "Stickers" section, and then "Add".

Create your own stickers for WhatsApp

Another quite positive aspect is that the Google store is full of applications with which you can design new stickers, like the Sticker Maker Studio. Best of all, they meet the demands of the size that the application supports.

In this way, you can get really creative when it comes to devising your own figures, achieving surprising results. Y although you can't send large Stickers on WhatsApp, you will have even better ones available.

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