How to Auto Number in Photoshop - Do Auto Numbering

How to Auto Number in Photoshop Do Auto Numbering

One of the best tools to edit images easily and comfortably is the Adobe Photoshop program. Well the functionality and professionalism offered it makes it easy to make montages, edits, and arrangements on images that look incredible.

In this way, one of the most functional but little known tools that Photoshop offers is that of automate numbering. Well, this allows it to be much faster to make edits that require a progressive count.

For this reason, we will show you the steps you must follow so that you learn to do an automatic numbering in the Photoshop program.


What can I use auto numbering for in Photoshop?

The Adobe Photoshop program has become the favorite tool for those who want to edit all types of photos. Well, the versatility of the functions it has, as well as the ease with which they can be used. Attract more and more users to their platform.

In this way, it is not surprising that the program has functions that allow set automatic numbering, so that counting while editing an image on this platform does not have to be done manually.

Therefore, this function is very useful for those who must use Photoshop to create numbered badges for company employees, as well as for those who want to create labels for a competition and therefore must number each one. This function allows you to set the numbering function automatically.

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In conclusion, take advantage of this function that Photoshop offers you number automatically the amount of elements you want on your platform, streamline your editing process on it. This also happens with the rest of the functions that this program has and makes available to you.

Is it possible to create an automatic numbering in Photoshop for free?

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The programs usually establish some extensions or extra tools that, for their installation, require a previous payment. Such is the case of the tool with which Photoshop allows do an automatic numbering on the images that are edited on your platform.

However, although most of the extensions Photoshop uses to set these functions are free, the problem is that it is necessary to install them on your computer, in order to allow you access to these numbering functions.

On the other hand, there are ways in which you can access these automatic numbering tools of which the Photoshop platform has, without necessarily having to download any extra program on your computer. Such is the case of Excel, with which most computers are integrated.

If this is not your case, there is nothing to worry about, as this program allows you to create spreadsheets on its online platform. Thus, in a simple way, you can integrate a file of this program in Photoshop to perform the numbering automatically and free of charge.

How to do an automatic numbering in Photoshop?

Whether you use the Photoshop platform professionally, or simply edit your photos in Photoshop online, you need to know how to set this auto number function to streamline the editing process.

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Then, the first step is to open a photo or image on the Photoshop platform, regardless of its dimensions. Later, you must use the Photoshop text tool and insert a box of it, there you will write the number one.

Then, you must access the "image" menu, in the Photoshop toolbar. There, you must locate and select the one that is identified as "variables" and "define variables". When you sign in, you must set a series of commands: select layer 1, activate text substitution and set the variable name.

Subsequently, you must create a spreadsheet in Excel, which includes in column A whole list with the numbers up to where you want to set Photoshop's automatic numbering. However, this will be saved under the “tab-delimited text” format.

Finally, in Photoshop, you must go to the "variable" section, but in this case select the "data set" option and import the Excel file previously created. Thus, you will have added the automatic numbering of your images in Photoshop.

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