How to Change Google Search to Another Country Easily

how to change google search to another country easily

Google Chrome is the web browser developed by the international computing corporation Google. It is a platform that uses open source protocols to to get results associated with searches requested by the user. It currently has the highest market share worldwide. Covering about 64% of the field.

This service precedes a research project called Chromium, which was intended to be a platform for free software covered under permissive licenses. Thanks to this, the web browser provides a reliable interface in which user data is constantly stored, as well as offering speed and speed of service. Here we show you how to increase the speed of Google Chrome to the maximum.

How to change the Google search engine to another country easily

Google search engine

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Google Chrome is based on smart results associated with frequent user searches and its own location. In this way it offers web pages similar or close to the IP address of the device. If you wish you can hide your IP address in Google Chrome

There are also other services conditioned to the location. Which means that many web pages are not allowed in some countries. This can become a real annoyance in case we need to access it in a compulsory way to carry out any activity.

Steps to change the Google search engine to another country easily

There are different strategies that you can apply to change the annoying location settings in Google Chrome; everything will depend on your need.

In case what you need is to download an App that is available in the download store (Play Store which you can update to the latest version) it will be easier, but if you need to go to the web browser specifically you will have to carry out the following process:

There is a Google section on every device called "Google Wallet". This has been the part that deals with managing payments in case of contracting additional services or buying some products, of course we do not normally use it because most of the tools are free. We can also find it as "Google payment center".

Google wallet

Initially we will have to access Google Wallet or Google payment center (Play Store). To do this, click on the tools menu located in the upper left part of the screen, then slide in the list of options and click on Google Wallet.

When entering you will have to log in to your account. To do this, fill in the boxes with the email you use on your mobile device and add its password.

Click on the configuration option located at one end of the screen and symbolized by a gray nut. In this part we can find different presets. Tap on "country" and change the country name to one where the content you need is available; Example: if you are in Mexico, try switching to Spain.

Edit your name again and add a room address that is consistent with the location of the country you have previously selected. After filling in these data, click on "save Changes".

You will also have to add a payment method, even if you are not buying any products. These data have to match in the same way with the location of the new country.

Next, fill in the requested information. You should search the Play Store for an App that requires payments. Tap on "to buy" and before confirming it returns to the main screen.

Then exit the Play Store and delete the stored data. To do this, enter "Settings" and select "applications", then select "Play Store", click storage and clear the data. To know that the location has been changed successfully you will have to re-enter and verify that the paid App contains an amount expressed in the new currency of the country.

Another method to change the Google search engine to another country

Another option is to create a new account on Google Play, for this it is necessary to download a VPN on the device. (This must have a different location) and previously delete our account (delete data and remove account).

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Access the VPN and select the country you are going to use, then go to Google Play and log in with the new account you created. Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Do you know of another method to perform this action? Leave us your answer in the comments.


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