How to know if I got Banned from the Transfer Market in FIFA 20 or 21 for Trading or Passing Coins

how to know if i got banned from the transfer market in fifa 20 or 21 for trading or passing coins
  1. What behaviors are prohibited in FIFA 20 and 21?
  2. What can I do if I have been banned?
  3. How to get official information about your block?

The transfer market in FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 allows you to create your own elite team, buying, selling or giving stars to your team, to do this we need to have FIFA coins, or use points by FIFA to open envelopes or packs.

To speed up this process, we can use third-party websites to buy coins from you, or if it is the case that we have the previous delivery of the game, pass us the coins that we have left over, for this, there is no legal way and therefore it may be a reason of a permanent ban by Electronic Arts.

What behaviors are prohibited in FIFA 20 and 21?

Mainly, in terms of locks, EA emphasizes everything that has to do with increasing coins in your game, everything that has to do with this can be a lock.

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From buying coins to someone outside or selling them, to passing the coins of another of your versions of the game, it is not allowed to use tools such as coin betting or transfer websites

The only legal way to advance your game faster is to buy directly from Electronic arts the FIFA PointsIn addition to this, you must be careful when making the captcha, necessary to enter the web app, since they are also implementing bans for this.

man worried because his signing was banned from fifa game

EA also tries to limit or cancel the Tradeo Of cards, it usually happens that a card increases in value exponentially and we want to sell it for many coins, because it turns out that if you do this carelessly and at a very high price, or do it several times, you can be permanently banned.

What can I do if I have been banned?

If our account has already been banned, be it any type of ban, from the transfer market or that all our coins have been taken from us, perhaps it is because suspicious actions have been detected, according to EA's policies and conditions.

In these cases, the only legal route we can follow is to contact FIFA supportWhether it is the most recent version of the game or not, for this, there are two options.

On the one hand we have the official page where we must go to support, here we must select FIFA 20 or FIFA 21, then it will ask us to know in which console we have the game, be it Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC etc. Then we have to select the box "Manage my account".

And finally we click on "Account blocked or suspended" There we will get the information that we must follow to contact an advisor, and obtain technical assistance, the second option is to call the company directly to make the request, the number varies from country to country, and when doing so they will ask for your information , like your username and your email, with this your account will go to review status.

How to get official information about your block?

You just have to enter the EA website, in the help section you can find a link to review your incident history, once there it will ask you for the "Incident ID" and the password, there you can verify all the strickes you have with the company.

customer service for when they banned your fifa signing

You can select any of their games, in our case it is FIFA 20 or FIFA 21, EA, always clarifies that you must respect their guidelines regarding the use and purchase of the FIFA Points, and will not be responsible for violations of these.

When filling any of the complaint forms You have to take into account that you must be as explanatory as possible, so that when your account goes to review, you have a better chance of recovering what was lost.

EA tries to make the gaming experience the best possible, that's why it makes these decisions by breaking its rules, if you have a suspension, it is somewhat easier to solve, since these are usually temporary and do not last too long, they work as a warning, but if it is a blockage it is a little longer, and depending on the severity of the incidents they can permanently remove your access to the game.

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