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1632592023 How to Increase or Adjust Zoom in NetBeans IDE

Usually this problem is experienced by app programmers who start to work using Full HD screens or even 4K. If you work with NetBeans and it looks small on your screen, here you will learn how to zoom in or out in NetBeans if it looks small, including how to zoom out in NetBeans, how to zoom in NetBeans, and how to zoom in and out in NetBeans for a more comfortable coding environment.

Why use NetBeans?

NetBeans is a free development environment, especially focused on the development of digital applications in the Java programming language. Counting on an important community that is in constant development and growth, it has been known to remain among one of the great tools in app development.

It is a totally free product and without any type of use restrictions. One of the main advantages offered by developing applications with NetBeans is that, by developing them in the Java programming language, it allows us to work based on modules.

Steps to increase resolution in NetBeans

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To enlarge the font or the resolution of the letter you will have to do another procedure such as:

  • First open the application and wait for everything to fully load.
  • Once NetBeans is open, you must go to the 'tools' section and then on 'options'.
  • Continuing, you will go over the button that says 'Fonts & Colors', in this section you can change the font or font size, the color and among other options, which can effectively answer your query on how to zoom in NetBeans.

If you follow these steps correctly you can solve the problem that NetBeans looks small, adjusting it just the way you want it and making it more comfortable for your app development work is possible and very simple.

netbeans program code programming

Shortcut to increase resolution from the keyboard

If you want to enlarge your screen, for example, how to zoom in on classes, you must leave pressed alt + the mouse scroll and then move it according to your liking, down or up to perform a NetBeans zoom out or zoom in. This is how to zoom in and out in NetBeans using a handy keyboard shortcut.

Adjust the zoom of my NetBeans

This is a very simple process and with this step by step it will be even more so, it is important that for this you have the latest version of NetBeans installed on your PC, so it is good to know how to install new programs on your PC simultaneously or individually.

  1. You will need to have the Notepad ++ program installed on your PC.
  2. After having Notepad ++, you should make sure, as we mentioned before, that you have the latest version of NetBeans.
  3. You will move to the directory where you installed NetBeans and then click on the "etc" key.
  4. Next you will open the NetBeans.conf file with the NotePad ++ program
  5. When you have it open you will have to look for the following:
    • -J-Dsun.java2d.dpiaware = true
  6. The "true" must be changed and instead you will put "false". Once the process is done and finished, you will proceed to save it, this can help with NetBeans zoom out issues.
  7. Once the process is done, when you open NetBeans you will notice that the screen resolution has been adjusted, effectively answering your concern about how to zoom out NetBeans.

NetBeans is a visual environment program that will help us to program apps that are in development and use Java. This programming language currently enjoys a very good reputation, in addition there are many programmers worldwide, and also people who are learning to program from scratch, who prefer it over other languages.

For all programmers who today want to start getting into this world, the world of cross-platform application development, without a doubt, one of its better options will be to try with the NetBeans.

netbeans hello world hello

The so-called "modules" are a set of software components, which allow easy expansion of applications by integrating new modules that are developed completely independently.

This allows developers to inherit, continue or improve the work of other fellow developers. This is a great advance for those developers who do not want to let an app die.

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If the step-by-step was useful to you, please share it with your friends or fellow developers and continue to take full advantage of all the benefits of NetBeans.


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