What is Arkadia? The New ARK Server: Survival Evolved Where the Most Famous Youtubers Meet

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Much has been said lately about the ARK: Survival Evolved video game, and among the things that are mentioned about this video game, the Arkadia server is mentioned. What has made this server so attractive? We will show you the answer to these other questions below. So stay with us discover What is Arkadia? The new ARK: Survival Evolved server where the most famous Youtubers meet.

What is Arkadia? The new ARK server: Survival Evolved

Arkadia is the name given to the new series sponsored by two of the best youtubers and streamers Spanish speakers, such as Willyrex and Vegetta777. Obviously, it is centered on the famous game ARK: Survival Evolved, and this new server has been the replacement for Egoland, the Rust server on Twitch that caused such a sensation in January of this year.

Egoland has already closed and is part of the past, so it was needed a new server and a cool new video game, so in this case it's the ARK opportunity.

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What makes Arkadia so attractive to netizens and video game lovers is not only its select creators Willyrex and Vegetta, but also the fact that on this server, they have been invited a select list of youtubers and streamers very famous Hispanics.

coin invitation participate server arkadia

Names like Nexxuz, Nefarius, Rubius, Luzugames, DJ Mario and others are the ones mentioned among the so far 47 confirmed famous streamers.

How will Arkadia work?

The first Arkadia trailer was released a few days ago, and this one had the creative stamp of Nexxuz, however, this will not be the only protagonist of the long-awaited Arkadia series.

It is presumed that Arkadia's operation is the same as that of other previous series, each of the streamers or youtubers when their turn to play comes, they begin to broadcast a direct on Twitch of the game, or they can also broadcast the games on YouTube, or uploading clips of your Best moments in-game on your channels.

What celebrities will be in Arkadia and when will it be released?

Through Arkadia's official account at Twitter @ArkadiaDioses, the list of guests to participate in Arkadia was revealed, among which stand out participations such as Rubius, Ibai Llanos, Cheeto, Nexxuz, Nefarius, Alexby, Fargan, Alvaro845, Aroyitt, Malcaides, Mayichi, Sisi, Witchzack, Arigameplays.

Also other youtubers and famous streamers like Juan Guarnizo, Ded, Alkapone, Paula Gonu, Tiparraco, Arsilex, Henry Break, Mikecrack, Elyas360, Cristinini, Papi Gavi, Orslok, Srinha3 and many more.

The release date for Arkadia was scheduled for Tuesday, February 9 of this year, at 9:00 p.m. (CET), so its premiere is quite recent, but it has managed to generate many opinions on social networks, especially for the absence of some streamers. Especially the absence of Auronplay, who expressed that he had even found out about the event, and The Grefg, who was not invited until now.

Similarly, it is expected that as time passes, Arkadia's dynamics will take shape and be officially revealed through the appropriate media, and many continue to wait for other youtubers and recognized streamers to join, or at least to be include Auronplay at some point in the new series.

Hispanic youtubers streamers participate arkadia

What is known is that the Arkadia methodology It is much stricter and that the server is more stable and durable than Egoland was, as it closed suddenly due to various problems and internal conflicts between the participants of the Rust server.

It has been said that in order to approve the participation of the different streamers and youtubers in Arkadia, they had to go through certain filters to be approved, so it is presumed that some are not invited for not approving these filters.

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We can conclude that ARK: Survival Evolved is that game where you can demonstrate your survival skills in a fantastic universe where you can ride dinosaurs, find taps, hunt, use the best ARK maps and much more. Now with the creation of Arkadia, this game will be more interesting, so do not lose sight of the news that is generated on this new ARK server.


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