How to Insert a Background Image in my Email like in Thunderbird? (Example)

how to insert a background image in my email like in thunderbird

Many wonder can I really put a background image in my email like in Thunderbird? And the answer is yes, do not hesitate for a second more, we will tell you how to do that your messages look a whole lot more interesting.


Put a background image in my email like in Thunderbird

It is common that the appearance of an email should be a little more eye-catching so that people can interest you in the information it contains. To achieve better capture, it is possible to add a background using Thunderbird.

The process is quite simple, once you understand and practice it, you will be sending emails with funds to everyone. To get started, log into Thunderbird and open the composer, starting a new email message.

After this, click on "Body of the message", there, you should look for the word "Format" and then, "Page colors and Background". Continue, clicking on "Choose file" where it says "Background image", this will take you to the file explorer of your computer.

It only remains that select the image that will go in the backgroundRemember that the ideal is that it be something according to the content of the email. Once you have it, you must click on "Open" and then, on the "Ok" button, when finished, your image will have been added as a background.

Why put a background image in my email like in Thunderbird?

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A background image can be great for adding some professionalism to an email message. It also works to emphasize the reason for the message, in case it is in email from a company, this can give confidence. And in turn, if you wish, you can insert an image online to an email.

thunderbird system

Many people use this tool that Thunderbird facilitates to give uniformity to their emails, so that whoever receives them can easily identify them.

For others, it is a good option to send congratulations emails on special occasions, honestly the use is quite personal. It can happen that you get too many emails congratulating you on your birthday, luckily, there is a way to mark all messages as read.

Is there another mail service that allows you to place funds?

Using a background image in my email like in Thunderbird can be a bit tricky in other services. For instance, Gmail has a similar option that allows you to put a custom background theme.

On the other hand, Outlook makes this great option available, the method is simple, but it only works for HTML type messages. To achieve this, you must go to the "File" tab, then "Options"> "Mail"> "Background design and fonts".

While there, you can select a background theme that works for your message, you just have to look for it a little within the options. You can choose to edit other elements such as the source, but remember that this only applies to the email you are composing. In case you decide to switch to Outlook you can import all your emails from one platform to another.

Is it professional to put background images in email messages?

While many people may see this as somewhat informal, the use of funds has become quite popular to give the messages readability. Many times images are included that can be representative and unique, something that identifies who is sending the message.

Many companies today use this message format to give their notifications a bit of professionalism. In such a way that under the message you can see the logo of the company or its letterhead, generating confidence in the reader.

white bird circular logo

On the other hand, the creation is quite fun when using these backgrounds, you can combine the letters with the background and do something different. The truth, professionalism depends on the vision of the receiver, for example, a designer can leave a sample of his work in the background.

Using this tool that Thunderbird makes available is something really interesting, colors, photos, logos, whatever you want can go into the background of your messages. Try some messages and create your format, you will be able to get noticed in a great way when give a different and personalized touch to your messages.

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