How to Install and Update the Lidl Plus App and Activate your Free Account? (Example)

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In these times of expenses, the best ally you can have is an application from a supermarket like Lidl, which will give you benefits so you don't have to spend so much as you usually do. That is why today you will be taught how to install and update the Lidl Plus App.

And it is that, this great company never lags behind on savings, since it increasingly implements more functions with which its clients can save their pocket by not paying the full price of things (it is recommended that you find out what Lid Plus is and how it works before continuing so that you can evaluate if you like the app) .


How to install and update the Lidl Plus App?

Now, to get straight to the point and learn as soon as possible to install and update the Lidl Plus App, the first thing you have to do is go to the PlayStore or the AppStore and from there download the official Lidl supermarket app.

The application is downloaded and installed like any other and is completely free, So you should not worry about carrying out any complicated process when you are downloading it (it is only recommended that you be over 18 years old).

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When you already have it, you must proceed to open it. Within it, you will be asked to enter a series of data such as your name, email, among others. When you finish doing it you have to click "Accept" and immediately you will be told to place the verification code that will arrive at your number.

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Once this code is placed, the account will be activated and you will only have to place the Lidl store that you use commonly (this is only for configuration reasons, within the app you can use any Lidl store). And voila, with that everything is finished.

Regarding the update of the app, this will be automatically updated when a new version is available, and if not the same app will ask you to update and forward you to the Store (like all).

Advantages of this wonderful app!

Now that you know how to install and update the Lidl Plus App, it is time for you to know what advantages this magnificent app offers you. The first of these is perhaps the most silly, but it is still important, this would be that the application is free.

It may sound silly but not all store apps are free, to use some you must or pay a subscription or pay a percentage on each purchase, which does not happen here.

Lidl coupons and exclusive offers

Another advantage of installing and updating the Lidl Plus App is that you will be given exclusive discount coupons that discount between 20 to 40% from the real price to your products, allowing you to save.

Its operation is similar to how when you go to buy with coupons for free discounts from Aliexpress, first you have to activate the coupon in the section called "Coupons", which is in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen . With that you will be free to use them (for a limited time).

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In the case of offers, these are discounts on products of certain brands for users of the application, which appear at the entrance of Lidl stores, and are changed weekly.

He scratches and the brochures

The latest benefits offered by this great app are scratch cards and brochures. Scratch cards are prizes that the app gives you after each purchase with it, and the brochures are like advertisements that appear within the same application, which bring offers.

To consult them you just have to go to the "Brochure" section that appears on the ribbon below the main screen of the application, there you will get all the information you need.

And voila, with that you know everything you should, so it's time to get out of here and download the app. But remember not to be left alone with this information, it is recommended that you look for what are the best applications to order food?, To complement your experience with store apps.

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