How to Sign in to Azure - Azure Portal Login (Example)

how to sign in to azure azure portal login

You plan to log into the Microsoft Azure platform, the paid-to-use public cloud to manage, build, and deploy applications. Well, you reached the indicated blog, since, here we will explain what you need to know to sign in to Azure, in a few steps.

But you must bear in mind that the fact that it is a public cloud does not indicate that everyone has access to it. If you own your business in Microsoft Azure, where you manage and generate your services, to her whoever has the credentials will access from the Azure portal.


How to log into Azure for the first time

To log in to Microsoft Azure for the first time, you must have a welcome email to the portal, to complete your first start. And for you to receive this email, you must create an account in Microsoft Azure, and enter your email, where you will receive the invitation.

Note: you should note that the first Azure login, request various requirements, which must be followed to the letter. In case you have not completed the first start steps, here we will also explain “How to enter the Azure portal for the first time”.

Next, we will indicate the steps you must take to log in to Microsoft Azure through the Customer Control Panel, (PCC).

  • Enter your Customer Control Panel and log in.

starting session in azure

  • Then select "Azure subscription”.
  • On the Azure page you must press the option "Login" or "Start Session" in the Microsoft Azure Portal.

How to enter the Azure portal for the first time

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As we previously mentioned, you you must have a welcome email to the Microsoft Azure platform to log in. Then to log in to your MS Azure portal you will have to take some steps and complete the following fields:

  • First enter your username and temporary password to log in.
  • Now create a new password access.
  • From this moment on, you will be able to enter the platform with your username and new access password.

Very important steps, which you should not overlook when sign in to Microsoft Azure for the first time.

  1. You must first open your email with the welcome from Azure.
  2. Now, select the link that you will find in the Azure welcome email.
  3. At that moment, the platform's login page will open.
  4. Next, you must enter your credentials login.
  5. To find out what your credentials are, go to the welcome email and you will find your username and transition password.
  6. After entering your personal information, select "Login".
  7. The page will redirect you to "Login" to verify your new password.
  8. After you have changed your password, press the "Finish" option.
  9. At that time you will receive a confirmation message, which it will indicate that the password has been changed successfully.

entering password in azure

Once the new password is set, you can enter your Microsoft Azure portal whenever you want, you just have to enter your username and password. Even with your account on the Azure platform, you can create a web page in just a few steps, to advertise your company.

Create with your Microsoft Azure account

By entering your MS Azure account, and logging in, you will be able to have access to endless opportunities for your business. Among the things you can find is a guide for developers, which will allow you to learn everything, what you can do with this cloud.

The Microsoft Azure platform is the best method to develop what you want, from applications to web pages and more. Its price and characteristics are ideal to use this Cloud, since you offers a variety of alternatives, from infrastructures to personal developments. So make up your mind to create your account and log into Microsoft Azure, and we assure you that you won't regret it.

That's it for today, we hope you can use this information, so that you achieve sign in to the Microsoft Azure platform. And not only that, but you can make the most of all the entrepreneurship opportunities, which are found and offered by the Azure platform.

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